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Mobile Game Market Trends in 2022-23

The year 2022 is almost behind us, so let’s look closely at the mobile game market trends for 2022-2023.

Recent years have seen rapid growth in the mobile gaming industry. There are 2.69 billion people worldwide who play mobile games. Mobile games account for 66% of the App Store’s revenue. It is expected that the numbers will increase even further in 2023.

Is there anything you need to know about the mobile game market trends in 2022-2023?

Find out by reading on!

What you need to know about statistics

  • Over 3.24 billion people, almost 40% of the global population, are gamers, according to Statista.
  • Approximately $272 billion in revenue is expected from Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming by 2030, according to a report from GlobalData.
  • By 2025, it is estimated that 71% of Google Play’s revenue will go to mobile games, and 42% will go to app games on the App Store.
  • In 2021, Asia had nearly 1.48 billion gamers, whereas Europe had over 715 million players, according to Statista.
  • By 2025, the App Store and Google Play will see $138 billion in player investment.

Major Mobile Game Development Trends to Follow in 2022

In order to make money in mobile game development, you must keep up with the latest industry trends. The following are some of the most likely mobile game development trends for 2022:

1. Gaming on mobile clouds

As a result of the mobile cloud gaming revolution (GaaS or Gaming as a Service), their lives are changing dramatically. A developer is also more motivated and influenced by subscription models. Their ability to quickly connect payment methods to gamers’ strengths is one of their most significant advantages.

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To build strength, players can involve a player or players with weapons, such as Fortnight, Candy Crush, PUBG, etc., to effectively and quickly perform.

2. The eSports industry is booming

There is nothing new about eSports. The Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming industry has been using it for years. In terms of gaming enthusiasts and professional players, it can be considered a competitive game.

It is expected that eSports will remain a popular game development trend in the coming years.

3. Socialization through gaming

Due to the increasing use of social media, mobile games are becoming more interactive. As a result of the pandemic and the constant need for interaction, mobile games have become social activities.

Gaming socialization can also be used by marketers to offer rewards through social features.

6. Augmented reality gaming

With augmented reality gaming, users can view and explore the game and its content in real-time by combining game visuals and audio content. When it comes to AR games, the playing field is built based on the current environment, unlike VR games.

8. VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming’s Ascension

Immersive experiences are provided by (Virtual Reality). Games can be played in enclosed spaces with VR headsets. Even though VR headsets are currently expensive, advances in technology will make them more affordable for casual and regular gamers. With time, they can also expect the overall quality of graphics and VR games to improve.

9. Multiplayer functionality

The availability of mobile games is greater than that of gaming consoles. The number of people who will be able to access them will increase in 2022. Due to the portable nature of smartphones, as well as the variety of games they offer, mobile games have become a multi-player activity.

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10. ‘Metaverse’

Although the Metaverse has become a hot trend, it is not yet clear how it will impact mobile gaming. The Metaverse will be integrated into mobile gaming this year, creating a more robust AAA mobile gaming experience. Fortnite concerts, for instance.

Game Trends for 2022 – Conclusion

Mobile gaming is expected to flourish in 2022 and beyond, and advertisers and developers must work together to take advantage of creative strategies, groundbreaking AI, and robust data technologies. Further, demographic changes have made it more important than ever to rely on data and trends to determine who mobile gamers are and what they want. It may be a booming market for the mobile gaming industry, but to grow and scale, you need the right partners. Get in touch with BR Softech to find out how they can help! 

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