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What Is Tableau? What Role Does A Tableau Developer Play?

If you are interested in visual analytics, you must have heard about Tableau. It is one of the world’s most interactive data visualization tools that has gained immense popularity over the years. Since it has gained an inconsiderable amount of popularity, it must be due to the potentiality of Tableau that has helped people.

Before we dive deep into the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau developer, let us understand and form a basic idea about Tableau.

What is Tableau?

A leading data visualization software, Tableau has its headquarters in Washington, United States. In 2019, Tableau was acquired by Salesforce. Hence, Salesforce can be said to be the parent company of Tableau now. The Tableau consulting services have noticed a drastic growth in data visualization and business intelligence. Since both of them are attached to digital transformation, the manufacturers and developers of Tableau are expecting to view an immense use of it shortly.

For the ease and betterment of the people, Tableau today offers various products and services that make it apt for the analytical market. Presently, Tableau is the most significant data visualization repository globally, with a statistic of 2.3 billion views. So, if you have to gain accessibility, and procure cutting-edge technology for your customers, Tableau development India is the only solution you have at hand.

Who is a Tableau developer?

A Tableau developer is a person who is associated with the following tasks:

  1. Data analysis
  2. Data visualization
  3. Processing business intelligence of the organization
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In short, a Tableau developer develops, maintains, and manages the power BI consulting services in India. Currently, Tableau developers are more in demand. A lot of companies that deal with data analytics are looking for efficient Tableau developers.

Now that you know what Tableau development is, let us take a look at the responsibilities of the Tableau developer.

What Role Does A Tableau Developer Play?

Tableau Developer

Although the roles and responsibilities of a Tableau developer may differ according to the needs of the organization, here are some common duties that a tableau developer in any power BI consulting services in India needs to perform:

  1. Address the needs of the data by understanding the requirements of business and planning a solution for it.
  2. Collaborate with IT organizations and other business personnel to form data-driven strategies that can benefit the organization.
  3. Take care of Tableau dashboards by developing, designing, and maintaining them.
  4. For visualization and analytics, gather, process, and prepare the necessary data.
  5. Be an active performer of Tableau and monitor the reports to make the necessary changes.
  6. Use different data modeling and visualization methods to prepare reports from scratch.
  7. Define new KPIs and keep a consistent eye on them.
  8. Gather data from different sources and channelize them into the organization.
  9. Resort any issue related to data sources.
  10. Enhance the overall process of data management and user experience.

What Skills Are Required To Become A Tableau Developer?

To become a proficient Tableau developer, here are some skills that one needs to possess:

  • Problem-solving skill

Learning Tableau is not at all a tricky business, provided you understand it very well. When working with data and data sources, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to knows to solve problems. If any issue arises in the organization, the Tableau developer should know to address it and solve it with the available resources.

  • Storytelling ability
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Being a Tableau developer, you have to represent data in a visual format. Hence, a Tableau developer must possess the facts to appear as a narrative to the organization.

  • Analytical skill

Talking about the analytical portion of a tableau developer, one needs to know to ask the perfect question to address an issue. If you have to become a Tableau developer, you ought to have the foresightedness to help you see the bigger picture that may arise in the organization later.

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