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Top 10 Advantages Of Native App Development In React Native Era

Do you want to explore the advantages of native app development in the react native era? If yes, then stay with this guide and gather all the essential details. In the world of mobile app development, React Native has become the most powerful framework that allows professional developers to effective native app development using JavaScript.

The popularity of React Native has increased a lot and hence developers are starting to use it to build powerful native apps. There are many advantages one can explore during native app development in the react native era.

Advantages Of Native App Development In React Native Era:

Check out below to explore the top 10 advantages of native app development in the react native era.

●      Cross-platform compatibility

Creating cross-platform applications is the major advantage of React Native. It is mainly because; react native is highly compatible with cross-platform applications. Professional developers can easily write code once and then deploy everything over many different platforms such as Android and iOS.

It eradicates the requirement for a separate codebase for every platform, reducing development costs and time. It also ensures a consistent user experience over different devices and makes React Native the best choice for various businesses to target a broad user base.

●      Native performance

React Native is the best connecting factor between native app development and traditional web development by compiling the JavaScript code into certain native code. Such a compilation process enables the React Native apps to influence the complete power of the device’s hardware.

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It results in superior responsiveness and performance. Users can enjoy smooth and fast app experiences with react native when compared to apps that are built via traditional native frameworks.

●      Reusability of code

The code reusability is the basic advantage of the react native. Professional developers can reuse the major part of the codebase over different platforms. It can be possible due to React Native’s component-based architecture. It will boost the development process and also make it simple to maintain the application in the long run.

By sharing the code across platforms, professional developers can save more time, resources, and effort while ensuring consistent user experience and functionality. React native framework introduction in 2015 introduced the solution to the tiresome need of code writing twice. It means that a single code can be written using React Native to build iOS and Android. Here developers can reuse 90% of the code.

●      Faster development cycles

React Native provides a hot reloading feature that lets professional developers note all the changes they have made in the code instantly. It eradicates the requirement for lengthy compilation & deployment cycles, letting developers rapidly iterate.

Such abilities in exploring the changes in real-time can speed up the development process effectively. Then it will enhance productivity and let for feature enhancements and quick bug fixes.

●      Large developer community

React Native has got huge support and is used by a large community of mobile app developers. It leads to the formation of an active and vibrant ecosystem. The vast community translates into a wealth of open-source libraries, resources, and frameworks readily available for professional developers to control.

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They can effectively access pre-built components, seek help and share knowledge from fellow developers, encouraging collaboration and reducing development time. Whenever the developer gets stuck while using react native, then they can reach out to a certain community of around 50,000+ active react native developers to find solutions and get immediate help.

●      Simplified UI development

UI development has become more streamlined and intuitive with React Native. It uses the declarative UI model, where the developers describe the required user interface state and React Native handles the fundamental platform-specific rendering. Such an approach effectively simplifies the process of developing complex user interfaces. It makes it simple for developers to build responsive and visually appealing mobile apps.

●      Third-party plug-in compatibility

React Native provides flawless compatibility with third-party plug-ins & libraries. Leading developers can effectively integrate the native components, libraries, or modules into the React Native apps.

It leverages the wide range of ecosystems available for Android and iOS. It allows access to various platform-specific functionalities, improving the user experience and expanding the app’s capabilities.

●      Offline support

Many modern applications need offline functionality to ensure a better user experience even without the internet connection. React Native offers the libraries and tools that facilitate offline data caching & synchronization.

Developers can also easily implement offline support in their applications and let users access the content and perform major actions offline. After that, they automatically sync data when the internet connection is available.

●      Cost-effectiveness

Developing native applications for multiple platforms traditionally needs separate codebases and teams that lead to increased development efforts and costs. React Native offers a cost-effective solution by allowing developers to create a single codebase that works effectively over many platforms.

By reducing the requirement for platform-specific developers & streamlining the maintenance and development processes, React Native will help professional businesses save more costs while offering top-notch quality native apps.

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●      Community support & updates

React Native has been backed effectively by Facebook which actively updates and maintains the framework. It ensures ongoing support, feature enhancement, and bug fixes.

The continuous enhancement of React Native led the developers to depend on the evolving and stable platform to develop their apps upon. The regular updates and strong support from the community and the core team make React Native the best choice to develop native apps.

What Is The Use Of Native App Development In The React Native Era?

Native app development in the react native era plays a major role in various scenarios. Even though react native is the popular framework to build cross-platform mobile apps, there are certain cases where native app development is highly preferable.

Check out below to find the reason why native app development is suitable in the React native era:

  • Access to native APIs
  • Performance
  • Platform-specific optimizations
  • UI/UX customization
  • Legacy code integration

It is very essential to note that react native continues to enhance and evolve and various applications can build successfully using react native alone. But the native app development remains the same for certain scenarios where platform-specific features, maximum performance, or custom UI/UX are major requirements. The choice between native app development and react native is based on the specific goals and requirements of the project.


From the above-mentioned scenario, now you have explored the top 10 advantages of native app development in the React Native era. From cross-platform compatibility to code reusability, faster development cycles, and native performance, React Native has made some innovative ways to build a wide range of mobile apps. Its compatibility with third-party plug-ins, simplified UI development, cost-effectiveness, and offline support further contribute to its appeal.

With the active support of continuous updates and a large developer community, React Native continues to evolve as the best framework for native app development, allowing developers to create cost-effective and high-quality mobile apps.

You can hire leading specialists from react native app development company to make everything possible. The professional developers have helped you easily develop native apps in react native era.

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