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Strategies to increase engagement in mobile apps 2024

The mobile app landscape is more competitive than ever. With over 5.7 million apps available across the major app stores, developers and marketers face an uphill battle to capture and retain user engagement. In fact, studies show that the average mobile app loses 77% of its daily active users within the first 3 days of installation.

However, the stakes are high – app engagement is a critical metric for success. Apps with high user engagement see 4 times more revenue than their less-engaged counterparts. Additionally, a 5% increase in user retention can boost profits by 25% to 95% as stated in the research.

This begs the question: what are the proven strategies to increase app engagement and improve app engagement in 2024 and beyond?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 9 powerful mobile app engagement strategies that can help you and cultivate a loyal, highly engaged user base for your mobile application.

From optimizing the onboarding experience to leveraging advanced personalization tactics, we’ll unpack the latest app engagement strategies that leading apps are using to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you’re launching a brand-new app or seeking to revitalise an existing one, this article will equip you with the knowledge to implement a great app engagement and drive sustainable growth.

Let’s unlock the secrets to app engagement strategy success in 2024.

Unveiling App Engagement Strategies for 2024

Optimizing the user onboarding

First impressions are the most important element of mobile applications. Notwithstanding, research demonstrates that 2 out of 3 users give up using an app 3 days after installing it. A user may never return if they encounter a clunky onboarding process from the outset. The signup process should be improved by focusing on creating a frictionless signup process – streamlining form fields and reducing the number of required actions.

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Present the guided tutorials and walkthroughs to introduce the new users to the main functionality of your app. First, stimulate the usage and exploration of the application to create that essential habit. Through investing in a flawless onboarding process, you can establish a solid foundation for your retention and loyalty.

Utilise the power of Push Notifications

Another way to increase app engagement strategy is to engage the users and bring them back to your application, ping them with push notifications. Nevertheless, they must be sprinkled wisely so as not to offend the audience. Get the timing right – the studies have proved that push notifications sent between 6-10 PM have 50% higher open rates.

Mindfully regulate the frequency, keeping it to one or two notifications a week to hit the sweet spot. Construct exciting and customized feed content that directly addresses individual users’ interests and actions. Utilise user data to send push notifications triggered by in-app actions, purchases, and content preferences. If used correctly, push notifications can raise app open rates and user retention.

Use powerful in-app messaging

One of the best ways to increase app engagement is by in-app messages that let you speak with your active user base engagingly and contextually. Use them to showcase new features, announce promotions, collect feedback, and so on. To achieve the highest relevance, utilize in-app messages triggered by user actions: for example, a sale announcement to users who’ve recently viewed your catalog. An effective in-app messaging strategy brings deeper user engagement and keeps the app at the forefront.

Advocate for social sharing and user-generated content

That is, capitalise on social networks to organically increase your reach and engagement. Motivate users to share your app content with their friends and followers – irrespective of it’s posting a high score, reviewing a product, or creating custom content. Also, use client reviews, ratings, and user-generated content to create social proof and strengthen a sense of community. Through the empowerment of your users as brand advocates, you learn how to increase app engagement and activate a perpetual source of engagement.

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Optimize the mobile user experience

Make sure your app works smoothly, quickly, and intuitively on all devices. Use responsive design to give your readers a consistent and high-quality experience regardless of the device type or operating system. Research shows the significance of loading time: a 1-second delay in loading time can result in a 7% drop in conversion rates.

Consider accessibility by tailoring to the needs of people with disabilities which may increase your audience range. A great UX will maintain users coming back again and again, with research showing the improvement of UI/UX leading to 52% customer satisfaction increase and 37% conversion rate uplift.

Personalise user experience

Make use of user data to personalize the app experience. Customise content, features, offers, and notifications for each individual based on their interest, behavior and stage in the user cycle. In this way, this creates a sense of relevance and loyalty which is essential in the crowded market today. Through the provision of services that are tailored to each user respectively, you will create a unique experience that keeps them involved and dedicated.

Use robust analytics and testing

Continuously analyze the metrics and KPIs to know what areas need improvement. DAU (daily active users), session length, and churn rate are the metrics that inform how the users are interacting with the app. Conduct A/B tests on the features, content, and UI elements to find out what the audience likes. By means of data-driven insights, you can be able to keep polishing your app.

Seamless payment experiences

Another great way to increase app engagement is by encompassing in-app and subscription flows that are unified and hassle-free. Flexible pricing plans and many payment options must be offered in order to satisfy the needs of the user. Through simplicity, trust, and smooth transactions, people will become more active, and thus turnover will increase.

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An app with a clear payment flow has higher purchase completion rates than those with a complicated payment process. For the users to be retained and keep generating revenue, it is equally vital for there to be a mode of payment that is easy to use and safe.

Be aware of emerging trends

Always keep yourself updated about the latest app engagement strategies. Explore different platforms, serve different users, and be inventive to give your app a competitive advantage. Similarly, voice interfaces and augmented reality will surely redefine the existing user experience.

Being adaptive and rapid will be the key to success, as the mobile space is changing fast. The apps that follow the latest trends closely gain a higher retention rate compared to those that do not. With continuous advancement and experimentation, you will be able to build an app that is not only applicable but also attractive to the users.


Ultimately, as a result of the constant mobile app engagement, the main target is to learn and respond to the varying needs of your customers. Apply these techniques, monitor the progress, and stay flexible. With the proper engagement-based approach, your application can rise to the indispensable part of your user’s life that they cannot live without.

If you have already learned to keep your clients and end users, it is time to go to the next level of mobile app solutions. Engage the user with a user-friendly mobile application, which fascinates the user from the moment of download to their phone.

By blending these engagement tactics with a strong technology background you will give your app a chance for long-term success on the market of mobile applications, which is very competitive.What are you waiting for?  Start optimizing your engagement today with customized mobile app development and watch your user base flourish in the future.

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