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How You Can Use AI For Digital Marketing?

Many digital marketing companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their marketing strategies in a number of ways. The top marketing agency in Arizona can use AI in its marketing strategy for many reasons. In this article, we will focus on how they use this technology for automation. 

Digital marketers have an ever-growing list of tasks, with a new medium coming up occasionally for delivering content or creating a new social media platform trend. Hence, it can be difficult for them to hit all the marks without help. Thus they use AI due to its ability to automate so many repetitive tasks, including scheduling meetings and appointments, reporting on campaign metrics, optimizing the placement and timing of advertising campaigns, etc. the right set of AI tools can do a lot for your business. One of the main reasons for using AI tools is their time-saving potential and decreased procedure barriers. Research has shown that many digital marketers have their own comfort levels when using and integrating AI into their campaigns. 

Creating Partial Content

Since every digital marketer is uncomfortable using AI to create entire content, they prefer using it to develop partial content. It saves time and effort and avoids many perceived drawbacks of using AI, like lack of a human voice or touch or fear of Google penalization. Partial content may include sections of a larger piece of content, like an FAQ section, which can be done with AI copywriting tools. Research has shown that this is the most popular way in-house marketers and even top marketing agency in Arizona use AI.

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Creating Whole Content

Many digital marketers find content creation to be their biggest time commitment. Writing articles, blogs, white papers, and ebooks takes significant time and effort. Hence, many marketers are using AI technology to create whole content. This is another popular way of using AI by digital marketers.

Assisting With Research

Research is as time-consuming as content creation. It includes everything from sourcing reliable information to organizing it into an outline. Assisting with research is one of the greatest ways AI is helping digital marketers. AI research tools enable the team to collect data, documents, and notes in one place and also support live collaborations. There are AI tools that will allow you to quickly pursue, save and get notifications on research papers based on your author names, keywords, and broad subjects. 

Assisting with Outlines

After choosing a topic and doing the research, you need to piece the information together and create content that makes sense to humans and crawl bots. Digital marketers work with multiple clients, all of which have their own procedures and requirements and can take considerable time and effort to manage. Hence, AI tools also help them assist with outlines.

Topic Creation

Topic creation is the brainstorming process. Digital marketers receive a lot of input from their clientele. These may not always be specific topic ideas, but only the parameters that help them narrow their focus. Thus they use AI tools for topic creation and brainstorming. 

Ad Targeting And Analysis

AI tools can help create targeted ads that get the right people to engage at the right time, thus allowing you to analyze the ads before they go live. Certain AI tools also predict ad performance even before you test it. Since ads are expensive, trying them without evaluating their performance can be bad. AI can test the ad content before publishing it, train your AI model with historical ad data, lower the costs by choosing only relevant ads that work, get data-driven performance metrics, and improve conversion rates.

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Digesting too much data and then turning it into useful stuff can be daunting, especially when you have dozens of clients. Agency marketers identify reporting as one of the most important uses of AI.

Editing Assistance

Outputting work on a large scale requires up-scaling of the editing process to ensure accuracy and readability. There are several tools that make it easier to proofread and edit thousands of words in minutes. This saves the marketers a lot of time. Editing assistance is one of the most widely used AI tools for marketers.

Creating Schema

Schema markup plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategy as it allows search engines to decide exactly what the content of your page is and what it does. Schema creation is easy for 5-10 articles per week, but doing it on a larger scale is impossible. Therefore marketing agencies use schema markup tools that save much of their time by automating the process.

Final Thoughts

Adopting AI into your marketing strategy is all about identifying what works best for your business. Several AI tools can report on your marketing campaigns, optimize their placement and timing and run tests. So make sure that you fit AI tools where you need them the most.

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