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Gaming Smartphones: 10 Specifications That Matters the Most!

With the evolution of mobile gaming, smartphone brands have started manufacturing mobile devices which are almost as powerful as a personal computer. However, powerful smartphones cost a fortune. But with various financial companies offering mobile loans, a gaming smartphone is no more a luxury.

So how to choose the right gaming smartphone? Here is the list of 10 specifications you need to get in your smartphone for a smooth gaming experience.

  1. Chipset

A chipset is an essential part of a smartphone. It determines the multitasking capacity of a smartphone without lagging. The advanced games don’t run anymore on quad-core or dual code. These are the times of octa-core and 8 cores. A smartphone can manage more functions smoothly with them.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is the most recommended chipset or SoC for gaming smartphones. Anything above the level of snapdragon 865 is even better.

  1. RAM

RAM is the space where temporary data is stored while another program is running in the phone. You need good RAM to smoothly run multiple programs like games and apps on your phone. The good news is you can get 6 to 8 GB RAM in many budget gaming phones these days. A 6 to 8 GB RAM is considered good enough for gaming. Anything higher than that can further speed up your smartphone.

  1. Cooling System

Gaming generates heat in your phone as it is a resource-intensive task. You wouldn’t want your gaming device to heat up! Inconvenience is not the only problem with heating. It also reduces the life span of your phone. Therefore gaming smartphones adapted thermal technology to overcome the heating issue.

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Some manufacturing companies came up with liquid cooling technology and installing an internal fan. Look out for a cooling system installed in the phone before buying it.

  1. High Refresh Rates

A refresh rate determines the display redraws per second. Refresh rate improves the experience of action-packed games. High refresh rates are more readily available on PCs and laptops. It is a new concept for gaming phones in India. Until now, smartphones usually came with a 60 Hz refresh rate. But because of the rising craze of gaming, you can now get hold of a phone with a 90 Hz and 120 Hz refresh rate.

  1. Battery Power & Charging Speed

Your battery runs out fast when you are playing a game. Therefore you should consider a minimum of 4500 mAh of battery. But you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for that. Due to the competitive market of gaming smartphones, you can get 4500 mAh or higher battery in smartphones under ₹20000. Also, look for a smartphone that comes with a fast charger instead of a regular charger.

  1. Display

The size and quality of the display also matter for a smooth gaming experience. A screen of a minimum of 6 inches and a high aspect ratio are the minimum requirements of any gamer. You can easily get a budget gaming phone with these features. This kind of display gives you a complete view of the battlefield. You can clearly assess the positions of your opponents and the range of your options. A phone with a notch design gives the extra advantage of added screen space.

  1. Memory

The top-rated gaming apps take more than 1 GB of space in your phone. This is because of the extensive details of weapons, storylines, character customization, and battlefield. If you are looking at a 64 GB storage phone, try to get 128 GB without increasing your budget significantly. There are many smartphones under ₹20000, which offers 128 GB of storage.

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If you are a gamer, you need to use a smartphone with all the above state-of-the-art features. And you don’t need to stress about the cost. All these features are nowadays readily available in smartphones under ₹20000. Good luck & have fun!

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