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Complete Guide On IP Address

If you want to gain knowledge about the term IP address, then here’s a complete guide for you. This article will help you understand all the things about IP addresses.

You can think of Internet Protocol (IP) as a set of rules that govern the types of data packets, formats, and datagrams that can be sent over a local network or the internet. Without a central directory or monitor, an IP doesn’t work. It doesn’t need a node or link.

This means that each data packet must have the location and source’s IP address and other important information to be sent. An IP address is a unique number or address that is given to each device that is connected to a computer network that uses the IP for communication.

IP addresses are used to identify a device on a local network or the internet. They also allow data to be sent between the devices, which includes information about the device’s location. IP addresses are a great way to tell the difference between things like routers, websites, printers, computers, etc.

How do IP Addresses Work, Its Types, And What are the Methods To Hide Them?

In this post, we are going to talk about the different types of IP addresses and different methods and approaches through which you can hide them. But first, let’s talk about the mechanism behind the IP address:

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How Does An IP Address Work?

An IP address works in the same way that your home address does for you. This is how it works. You need to give the sender your home address so that you can get a letter or package from them. Also, if you want to get e-mail or data from the web, your computer requires a web address so the sender can find it and send the data.

It doesn’t matter what device you are using as long as it is connected to the internet. All of these devices need an internet number or address to connect and communicate with each other.

That’s why every site like Netflix or Amazon also has an IP address so that they can communicate with you and send you the information you want. However, they maintain a name rather than just their IP address, like and, so you can find them quickly and find them quickly. Otherwise, you would have to write this long set of numbers on every site you went to. People can remember names better than numbers.

Types Of IP Address

There are majorly 4 types of IP addresses showing the different categories of it. Here are these 4 types:

1. Public and Private:

An internet service provider has two types of IP addresses: public and private. A business or person who has internet access has both types. These addresses are based on where the network is.

2. Dynamic and Static

Every business or person doesn’t need a fixed IP address. It’s only if you want to host your server that you need to have a static IP address, though. Your email address and other sites linked to a static IP address will always have the same IP address. You can now be found quickly on the internet by other devices that aren’t your own.

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3. Dedicated and Shared

  • Dedicated: They want a more secure option for bigger sites, and professional gamers who want to have more control over their servers can go with a dedicated hosting plan.
  • Shared: People who use shared hosting from best web hosting will get a server that other people use as well. It’s good for small businesses where there isn’t a lot of traffic.

4. Physical and Logical

  • Physical: There is a unique IP address for each piece of hardware. It never changes. An IP resolution protocol can help you turn a logical IP address into a physical one so you can find a device in your IP network by its physical address.
  • Logical: It is given to a server or router by the software inside. It may or may not change from time to time. The IP address of your laptop can change if you connect it to a different hotspot.

Different Ways To Hide Or Change Your IP Addresses

When you want to change or hide your IP address, it isn’t very hard to do. To change or hide your IP address, all you need to do is use some tools and programs. If you want to hide your device’s IP address, there are several proven ways to do so. Below are some tools that will help you do so:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

There are a lot of people who think that VPNs are the best way to hide your IP address. If you are on a network, it gives you an encrypted and safe way to connect your computer to the Internet through the network.

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VPNs usually have servers all over the world, so when you use them, it will look like you are browsing from a different country than where you are right now. People who use the web can’t see your real name, so it’s good to use it when you do that. There are tons of free VPNs for Windows 10 PC in the market.


Proxy servers also hide or change your IP address, just like a VPN. But the main difference is that a proxy doesn’t keep your data safe as a VPN does. Use a proxy and there are chances that someone else can see your credentials and what you do.

This means that when someone checks your IP address, they will see the address of the proxy server instead. When you use a proxy, you should be very careful when you enter your passwords or share private information.

Summing Up

We hope the different things we discussed in this post have helped you get a better understanding of IP addresses and how they work. If you have any questions you can always share them in the comments section below.

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