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British vs American Vocabulary: How to Differentiate Between Them?

Blogging has taken over the world in the past few years. This has become a platform for many who want to reach a wider audience and express their thoughts on a global level. But with opportunities come challenges. One such challenge is, using the right vocabulary to impress the audience.

While drafting any type of content, the main target one has to reach their POV to the audience, and the vocabulary acts as a bridge here between the writer and the reader. It may sound silly and unbelievable that vocabulary might impact the readers, but it’s a sure thing.

Let’s begin with a brief on what is vocabulary and its types in the following section:

Vocabulary: An Insight into It and Its Types!

Vocabulary is the group of words used by a writer to share his thoughts with the reader. It includes an analysis of the style, pattern and choice of words, along with some techniques and strategies used for a specific purpose. To understand better about vocabulary, let’s have a look at four types of vocabulary:

1. Listening

The basic type of vocabulary is listening. This is also the most effective means of learning any language because it helps the listener grasp the words better, recognize the sounds, and understand the pronunciation, which facilitates easy vocabulary learning.

2. Speaking

The next easiest way of learning vocabulary is, speaking or vocalizing the words. When you speak out the words, you get more acquainted with them. This helps you spell the words, learn the sounds, and then implement the same in everything.

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3. Reading

The next type of vocabulary is, reading. The more you read, the more knowledge you can gain on any topic. This helps you learn more words and terminologies, which improves your vocabulary. Thus, reading is also considered an important type of learning.

4. Writing

The last and the most important type of vocabulary is, writing. This is a bit different from the vocabulary used for speaking, and this is an important point, especially for students who need to work on academic writing.

This was a brief on the four types of vocabulary. Though everyone has equal relation with vocabulary, students have a bit closer bonding with it than anyone else. The main reason behind this is that they have to understand the difference between written and spoken vocabulary. Then they need to implement the right one, the best for their requirement. So, now let’s look at the major trouble for most students, that is, understanding American and British vocabulary and how to differentiate between them.

Differences Between British English Vocabulary and American English Vocabulary:

1. Based on Spelling:

Let us begin this with the difference in spellings. British and American English can be differentiated from each other by their spelling, such as:

British English American English
OE – Diarrhoea E – Diarrhea
AE – Anaemia E – Anemia
T – Burnt ED – Burned
Ense – Offense Ence – Offence
Ise – Organise Ize – Organize
Ell – Cancelled El – Cancel
L – Fulfil Ll – Fulfill
Y – Tyre I – Tire
Re – Fibre Er – Fiber
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2. Based on Grammar:

The next point to consider when understanding the differences between British and American English is grammar:

British English American English
Collective nouns can be singular or plural Collective nouns are singular
They use Auxiliary verbs They do not use Auxiliary verbs
They use ‘t’ in past tense and use the same verb in past participle They use ‘ed’ in past tense and ‘en’ in past participle
They use tag questions more frequently They use tag questions less frequently

3. Based on Vocabulary:

Another important thing to consider here is to understand how British English is different from American English using points like:

British English American English
Full Stop Period
Rubber Eraser
Primary School Elementary School
Module Class
Holiday Vacation
Headmaster Principal
Exam Test
Staff Faculty
Autumn Term Fall Semester
Biscuit Cookie
Chips Fries
Cinema Movie
Mad Crazy
Maize Corn
Sweets Candy

These are three major types of vocabulary that a student needs to understand to differentiate between British and American English. Understanding this can help students deal with any academic writing easily. If this doesn’t help you enough, you can seek assignment help services online.

Numerous students like you are struggling with their academics, and this is why they seek assistance from online writing services. This helps students understand university guidelines better, draft better documents, and score good jobs.

The vocabulary difference isn’t limited to students; anyone who is looking forward to working or settling down in a foreign country should have basic knowledge of this if they do not want to get into any embarrassing or awkward situation. While the vocabulary difference can be understood, a better approach and the right pick can improve understanding of one’s thoughts.

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Now, coming back to the blogger’s perspective, this content can be helpful to any blogger for they can learn and use the right language to focus on the audience they are trying to grab the attention of. For more blogging or language-related queries, feel free to explore this page. Happy Blogging!

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