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10 Simple Tips to Grow Your Beauty Business with Smarter Software

With time, changes come and adapting them becomes important. In a similar vein, operating the Salon business in the digital era makes it essential to implement tech-oriented solutions. If you are tech-savvy then, you must have come across the word “Beauty Salon Software“. It is a technological tool for salon owners to keep their complicated and tireless tasks at bay and let them concentrate on other profitable tasks. Believingly, it is one of the factors that gives beauty businesses the features with which they can manage all the ins and outs.  This blog is all about revealing the tips or functionalities that make it a vital tool to consider.

How Beauty Salon Software is beneficial for your business?

Easy Appointment Booking

Scheduling the customer’s appointment is a time-consuming and tedious task. Calling them to know if they are arriving, or scanning the appointment scheduling book to find the customer’ details, there is endless work. However, the worth part is that calling them does not assure their arrival.  So, it is better to move to a system that makes all the work seamless.

The Salon booking software enables the customers to book their appointment at their preferred time, day or favourite staff member. After the booking process is completed by the customers, the smarter software notifies the staff. They can simultaneously after checking their schedule confirm or reject the appointment. Additionally, the details on the appointment scheduling page can be customized or edited. Know if the services and pages are rightly named and find out if the booked stylist fits perfectly in the service or not.

Right marketing Abilities

There is no denying that Beauty Salon Software assists salon businesses to market their services and products efficiently. Also, it engages your customers and binds them to your brand. From all, the best approach to assure your business is approaching the users and has online visibility is SMS or email marketing.

Using it, you can send automated messages to the customers on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Additionally, you can approach the customers and capture the attention of those customers who have not visited your salon for long. Indeed, it is one of those marketing strategies that let your customers feel valuable.

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In addition, the SMS or email feature can also be used to remind customers of the pending payments or upcoming appointments, and so on.

Effortless management of stocks

Do you want your customers to feel disappointed while leaving Salon? If not then, it is desirable to keep up the inventory level full.  The smarter Software is here to support and confirm enough stocks in your warehouse. It works in such a way that it notifies the owners when the product level lowers and ensures the availability of products. Also, the solution places the order on the products that are less in amount. However, it saves time, boosts sales and reduces the stock cost; completely easing the process.

In addition to improving efficiency and accuracy, the Stock management software leverages the data collected in the overall procedure.  From that information, you can have an idea of all the incomings and outgoings of the beauty business.

Point of Sale (POS) System

Every Salon owner desires to have a hassle-free way of knowing customers’ ins and outs. Accessing the customer details quickly on any handheld device with some taps or clicks is all that is needed. So, the vision is to improve the sales process and complete the payments without using any massive hardware system. With an effective Salon point of sale feature, you can access it all easily.

It is the solution that not only maintains the database but also keeps tracking sales, reward points and referrals. Also, it assists in formulating business and tax time.  The perfect salon software considers your customer purchasing and services taken history. With that in mind, the business owners give suggestions on future services. Furthermore, it reminds stylists to give suitable recommendations that would result in more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Efficient Payroll Management Software

Despite the beauty industry, you are in, measuring the commission is a difficult task. The right Salon software does not let you experience the same anymore. It monitors and documents the right hours of working of the salon staff. Of course, as an owner, you can compute the right amount to pay them.  Additionally, considering so, the increment or bonuses can be given.

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Moreover, you can decide the sales target from the smarter software for the right commissions. Usually, it is the amount that a stylist receives when they reach the defined sales window.  As the software is easily accessible, the staff members give individual and required attention to customers to make them loyal to the business.

Managing Customers to the Best

It is mentioned above as well that a robust salon management solution has a centralized database that keeps the customers’ details at bay. The information includes their name, payment details, email address, last purchases, services are taken, transaction history, anniversaries, birthdays and so on.

The system sets the customer’s profile and categorically manages them on their psychographic and demographic traits. Most reliable systems are cloud-based with the ability to save the customer’s data.  This way, they can access the information from anywhere and anytime and confirm security from cyber attacks. Using the information described, the salon owners can:

  • Share their skin regime or give advice to customers on wellness
  • Engage the targeted audience on social media platforms
  • Communicate with customers when there is any cancellation or rescheduling of already booked appointments
  • Provide an easy and accurate checkout method
  • Keeps conversation healthy by knowing the specifications

The above data could be useful to make new customers feel comfortable with an idea on the conversation to conduct.

Automated Customer and Salon Reporting Tool

It does not matter the business niche you have or the number of years you are working, there is a need to know if all the efforts are worth it or not. Choosing to invest in the smart salon solution is required here. Definitely, it will not save your time, while limiting the need to monitor the reports and documents.

Additionally, from the insights, you will have an idea of your business performance like the staff activities, tax, campaigns, and sales.  In case, some amendments are required then, you can draw the informed strategies. Thus, confirming that each implemented task is giving the best results. After knowing the exact position of your Salon, further choices can be made. Always remember that clear and concise reports are essential to succeed in the beauty industry. iTop Easy Desktop

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Integration of secure and easy payment methods

Customers require everything at their convenience, and failing to do so can lead to the loss of many. Give them the ease to pay for the services taken in a seamless way. Integrate secure and reliable methods of payments. With the Salon software, the criteria of payment access simplify; they can complete the payment process with Point of Sale. Furthermore, you can also opt to let customers pay from the payment methods of their choice.

So, with the salon solution, you can ditch the errors that occur because of manual ways of working and the number of information stealing cases. Also, it does not let no-shows hamper the regular customer flow.

Customer Review and Feedback Management

For any Salon, it is essential to know the customer’s viewpoints. This will help in understanding where you are lagging or where improvements are required.

Considering that their opinions matter only on the premises is enough, then, it is not! You also need to know their perspectives outside as well. Therefore, to stay ahead in the competitive Salon industry, you need to know how they are treating, responding and giving their feedback online.

Also, it is not easy to check all reviews manually, let salon software be your assistance then. It controls all of the reviews and promptly sends a notification when some give negative feedback. Accordingly, you can revert instantly and assure customer satisfaction.

Managing staff perfectly

The Salon businesses that are only prioritizing customers and overlooking their staff have to face consequences in future. Same as customers, the staff is also important. The system generates profiles of every individual staff with unique appointment calendars.

Using such information, their performance can be examined and confirmed with accurate evaluation or assessment. Additionally, the rewards or incentives can also be decided from that varied data.


Salon booking software is here for your assistance! Pick the best one to not only streamline all day-to-day tasks but also to add a tint of professionalism to it.

Automating the processes, giving customers the best services, making the staff member valuable, tracking sales, checking reports and more- all of its perks. So, do not make efforts and waste resources in manually handling, be digitized and improve work ethics.

Have you used any Salon software before? What features does it have? Does it give the best customer service? Share your thoughts!

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