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The Smart Path to Export MBOX Mails to MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016

In brief: Do you encounter difficulties while transferring MBOX files to PST format? So you’re not the only one. Converting MBOX files without losing a single file is a challenge for many individuals. We’ll demonstrate how to convert MBOX to PST with attachments quickly and simply in this post. You won’t lose any data when you swiftly and simply convert MBOX files to PST format after reading this article.

Thunderbird MBOX Files vs MS Outlook PST File

A crucial component of any firm is email communication. The majority of company activities, from placing supply orders to updating clients, rely heavily on emails. What transpires, though, if a company’s email account is compromised? Do companies have to completely cease using email and start over from scratch? No, companies are able to transfer their email addresses and carry on with business as usual. This post will discuss the significance of email migration for business companies and examine why it’s a necessary procedure.

The process of transferring emails from one account to another is called email migration. If you are relocating a small number of messages, the procedure can be straightforward; if you are moving a large number of messages, it can be more complex.

There are several reasons why moving your email can be necessary. Perhaps you are merging many accounts into one, or you are moving to a different email service. If something were to happen to your account, you could simply request a backup of your emails.

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Email migration can be a difficult procedure for any number of reasons. But don’t worry; we’re available to assist. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of migrating your email so you can open your new account right away.

Why would the user want to convert an MBOX file to a PST file?

Microsoft Corporation created the popular email and calendar application Outlook specifically for use by large enterprises.

The simplicity with which Outlook can handle numerous addresses and calendars is one of its advantages for large enterprises. This enables the monitoring of several consumers, clients, and coworkers from a single location. Furthermore, it facilitates the sharing of calendars and emails with other team members, therefore enhancing collaboration inside your company.

Outlook’s extensive security features are yet another great advantage for big enterprises. To prevent unwanted access, all calendar and email data is encrypted. The application also has anti-spam tools that stop unwanted recipients from receiving your emails.

User Inquiry: I moved from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook lately. The problem, though, is that my Thunderbird account contains a sizable amount of crucial data. I don’t know how to achieve this, but I want all of my data (MBOX files) on my Outlook account. Is there a simple way to export an MBOX file to an Outlook PST?

MBOX File to Outlook PST Conversion by Hand

MBOX to PST conversion using email clients

First step: Add mailbox information to Apple Mail.

  • Launch Apple Mail on your PC.
  • File >> Import Mailbox is where to go.
  • Select the source MBOX file now, then hit the next button.
  • Click Continue after choosing the MBOX file in the browse location.
  • Click Done when the import is finished.
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Step 2: Use Eudora to create a mailbox.

  • The MBOX file extension should be added to the imported file.
  • ABCMBOX, for instance, ought to be modified to abcMBOX.mbx.
  • Transfer it to the Eudora directory.
  • “C:\Users\Documents and Settings >> Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora” is the default file location.
  • Next, launch Eudora and double-click ABCMBOX.mbx to end the program.

Step 3: Use Outlook Express to import the mailbox.

  • Launch Outlook Express.
  • Click File >> Import >> Reports now.
  • From the selection of email programs, choose Eudora, and then click Next.
  • Proceed to the designated directory, pick the “.mbox” file, and press the OK button.
  • Lastly, select Next >> Next >> Complete
  • Local folders in Outlook Express can make use of imported data.

Step Four: Transfer the mailbox from Microsoft Outlook to Outlook Express.

  • Ensure that Microsoft Outlook is correctly installed before opening a PST file.
  • Open the MS view in order to export files.
  • Navigate now to File >> Import and Export.
  • After choosing import from “other files and folders,” click the next button.
  • Click Next after selecting Import Internet Email and Addresses.
  • Select “Windows mail or Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, or 6.x.”
  • Click the next button. Click Next Select to finish the procedure after selecting the file you wish to import and export from the browser option.

Constraints with the Manual Approach

The manual MBOX to PST conversion process has a few drawbacks.

To begin with, this procedure takes a long time and a great deal of skill. Furthermore, it cannot always be accurate or dependable due to its error-proneness. Moreover, it frequently misses important information since it doesn’t capture all the data in an MBOX file.

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The most effective method for converting MBOX files to PST is to use specialized software created for this purpose. All of the data that has to be converted into PST format will be automatically extracted from the MBOX file by this program. Additionally, it will save all of the crucial information, preventing any data loss or harm throughout the procedure.

Quick Fix for Converting MBOX to PST, Including Attachments

Users can easily convert their MBOX email files to Outlook PST file format with the aid of the DataVare MBOX to PST Converter. This expert solution MBOX Export to PST procedure is easy for both technical and non-technical people to do. Additionally, users can convert many MBOX files in batch mode to Outlook PST files with the aid of this program. Even non-technical people can operate the program with ease thanks to its user-friendly interface.

These are the steps involved in converting MBOX to PST.

  • Install on your machine the DataVare MBOX to PST Conversion program.
  • Select MBOX Files first, Email Data Files second, and then the Open button. The files you want to convert can be selected.
  • The software panel will now show every MBOX email and any attached files.
  • Click the Export tab, and from the list of available saving formats, choose PST.
  • Filtering is an option if you want to export just certain MBOX files.
  • Next, to continue, select the place where the transformed data should be saved and press the Save button.

Final Thoughts,

There are several justifications for wanting to convert your MBOX file to PST format. It’s possible that you are trying to maintain a backup of your email data or that you are moving from Thunderbird to Outlook. Regardless of the cause, it’s simple to find the correct instrument.

This blog post describes an automated method that can be used to export MBOX files to PST immediately. We also go over the detailed instructions for demonstrating the MBOX to Outlook migration procedure in conjunction with that. With ease, you can move emails from MBOX to Outlook PST accounts by using the software’s sample version.

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