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Setting Family Fitness Goals: Motivating Everyone to Stay Active + Useful Gadgets You Can Use

Due to the sedentary lifestyle most of us live nowadays, family fitness has become a health requirement and necessity. Parents work a lot, and many do digital jobs requiring them to sit in front of a computer. On the other hand, kids use smartphones and tablets early, making them passive, among other things. Keep reading to learn more about setting family fitness goals and motivating everyone to stay active. An additional bonus is a list of useful gadgets and apps.

We will start by giving practical advice on motivating yourself and your family to exercise. Many people start well, but they give up – to prevent that from happening, you should also learn how to stay motivated and achieve your goals. Knowing how to self-motivate is key. There are plenty of benefits of working out as a family. We will also share how you can be active with your family. Some plausible ways include engaging in outdoor adventures, doing some sports, going for a swim, going on active day trips, and engaging in gardening and the outdoors. As far as useful gadgets and apps you can use are concerned, there are many excellent ones. We’ve selected a few, including smartwatches, workout apps, smart jumping ropes, calorie counters and nutrition apps.

How to motivate yourself and your family to exercise

There are many ways you can motivate yourself and your family to exercise. One sure way is to develop an exercise routine you enjoy. Creating a routine around activities you enjoy will help you endure. Try signing up for some sports together as a family. Or go to a pilates or dance class together. Fitness studios such as Soulhub offer reformer pilates classes for adults and teens and an infrared sauna.

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How to stay motivated and achieve goals

Sometimes, the family starts well and then quits after some time due to losing motivation. The key is learning how to stay motivated and achieve goals. Stay positive and develop a sound support system. Being surrounded by family and friends who support fitness and a healthy lifestyle is essential. You could also find inspiration online by following some people who are into fitness.

How to develop self-motivation

Another crucial thing is mastering self-motivation. However, this can be challenging as there is no right way to do that as different people find ways to self-motivate in various ways. Some people find their self-motivation in other people, such as family and friends, while others are motivated by their work or personal goals. You should think about what motivates you and try to teach your kids the same principle.

The benefits of working out as a family

When it comes to working out as a family, there are numerous benefits. First of all, the active family is healthier. Second, exercising or participating in sports with friends and family is fun. Family and friends provide us with encouragement and support when we need it the most.

How can you be active with your family

Outdoor adventures

When it comes to being active with your family, one of the first things you can do is engage in fun outdoor activities. Whenever the weather is nice and warm, you should use it for some outdoor exploration. Being active, breathing fresh air and getting vitamin D are all benefits of spending time outdoors. You can go to the park, by the lake or hiking on a mountain.

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Another thing you can do is play some sports in the neighbourhood or at a local sports centre together as a family. In that way, everybody is active, which is beneficial both for physical and mental health and also, kids learn how to be a part of a team. You can play football, volleyball, basketball or whatever. You can even play water polo at a local sports centre.


Moreover, in summer you should swim at a local pool, river or lake. It’s even better if it’s a river or lake, as you spend time in nature and absorb all its benefits. During other seasons, you can also go swimming at a local pool. Make it a routine and add it to your monthly calendar at least two times. It is an excellent exercise for children in development.

Active day trips

You can arrange for some active day trips during the weekends. These can be visits to amusement parks or zoos. Choose a day trip involving movements, such as walking or other physical engagement.

Gardening and outdoor

As we don’t always have time to go somewhere and be active, we can also be active in our yards. Involve the whole family in gardening. It is a great way to spend time outdoors while doing something worthwhile. Kids also learn some practical and valuable things.

Useful gadgets you can use


There are plenty of functional gadgets that can help us with achieving our fitness goals. One such gadget is a smartwatch. Today’s fitness trackers are integrated with smartphones and can track more data, including mileage, speed, distance, time, calories burned, and even blood pressure. They can provide us with useful information. You can get it for every fitness member.

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Workout apps

Regarding workout apps, there are plenty on the market today. They can help you exercise anywhere. They are especially handy if you are working out with a fitness trainer. Through these apps, trainers can create specific programs for each client to demonstrate the exercise for workouts at home and the gym and provide them with a nutrition plan.

Smart jumping ropes

Smart jumping ropes are an excellent tool for getting fit. They offer calorie information. You need to connect it to your phone through an app. It is an excellent cardio exercise that will keep you lean and fit.

Calorie counter and nutrition apps

An essential component of a fit lifestyle is being active and watching what you eat. That’s why calorie counters and nutrition apps are great options to help you on this journey.

Even though it might seem overwhelming, starting your family fitness journey will make your family healthy and fit, and you will also have fun doing it.

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