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6 Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying Sennheiser Headsets

Sennheiser is the brand that most businesses trust to get quality office headsets for the workforce. The reason is Sennheiser headsets offer a high-quality audio experience with ergonomic features. Consequently, the customers get a seamless calling experience, and the workforce is able to generate a high throughput.

However, Sennheiser headsets come in different variants to serve a diverse requirement set of the employees. For this reason, most individuals have some confusion and queries while selecting a suitable Sennheiser headset. We have answered the most commonly asked questions below. So, check them out for clarity for your next headphone purchase.

6 Commonly Asked Questions Before Buying Sennheiser Headsets

For How Long Does The Battery Last?

No one wants a headset running out of battery power between office hours. For this reason, battery backup is always a major concern for the employees working in call centres and similar businesses. Generally, headsets that have huge batteries come with a bulky build.

However, Sennheiser headsets are a perfect combination of ergonomics and high battery power. The battery of these headsets lasts for hours without any issue. On top of that, they are lightweight and easy to carry. For this reason, Sennheiser headsets are the first choice of most office workers.

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Some of the headsets come with a removable battery that can be separately charged. It means if you run out of power, you can simply insert the other battery, and you are good to go for another few hours. In the meantime, the previous battery can be recharged.

Do The Headphones Have Noise Cancellation Feature?

You should go with the noise cancellation headsets for crowded offices. Because they are generally full of distractions such as sounds of telephones ringing and noise of employees taking customer calls, etc. The headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology are effective to eliminate the background noise.

Sennheiser ANC headsets have dedicated hardware to facilitate top-quality noise isolation. They have microphones that can capture the noise from the surroundings, and speaker units to produce white noise and cut off unnecessary sounds. Thus, the employees get an experience like they are sitting in an absolutely quiet room. It considerably improves their interactions with the customers over call.

Moreover, some of the budget headphones come with passive noise cancellation technology. They are not as effective as the ANC ones but serve their purpose if the office space is not that noisy. Their ear cushions are designed in a way to avoid the noise from entering the users’ ears.

Should I Buy Open Back Headsets or Closed Back Headsets?

If you are planning to buy Sennheiser headphones with an over-the-ear design, you will likely get confused between the open and closed-back ones. But fret not as we have differentiated both below to help you make a suitable choice.

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Open Back Headphones

As the name suggests the earcups of these office headsets are not covered or sealed, but rather open from the back. For this reason, air can easily enter from their vents and affect the audio output you get from the device. Consequently, you get some distortions in the audio but the overall sound output seems natural.

Closed-Back Headphones

In closed-back headsets, the earcups are sealed allowing no air to enter and influence the device’s sound output. As a result, the audio is free from distortions, but it seems a bit unnatural. Besides, they are effective in reducing background noise.

After going through the major pros and cons of both the headphones you can decide which one is ideal for you.

Will The Headsets Connect To All Required Devices?

Office employees generally need to connect their headphones with multiple devices. For example, a call centre employee will pair the headsets with the desktop and the telephone handset at the same time. Hence, it becomes important that the headphones have the option to connect with all the devices you use.

Wired headsets have limited connectivity options as they generally don’t support pairing with multiple devices. For example, either they will connect to the computer or the smartphone at a time. Sennheiser wireless headsets have the multi-device connectivity option, enabling you to pair the headphones with more than one device at once. For instance, you can use the headsets with the computer for multimedia consumption and with the telephone handset for attending customer calls.

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Do The Headsets Have Quick Charge Feature?

The quick charge feature becomes especially useful if you are a heavy user and need to charge the device between office hours. Generally, the headphones take a few hours to be charged up to full capacity. For this reason, the employee can’t attend to the customer calls in the meantime.

However, one can top up a quick charging headphone’s battery in a few minutes rather than hours. It means the employee can get back to work in a short time, facilitating less number of missed calls. Hence, if your usage patterns demand to charge the device during working hours, quick charging headsets are the ideal choice for you.

How Much Clamping Force is Sufficient in Headphones?

Headphone clamping force is the pressure the device exerts on the user’s head. It is often a deciding factor in how well the headphones fit on the head. Although all headsets must have a minimum clamping force, but the maximum varies depending on your use case.

For instance, if your work involves a lot of movement across the office space, you should select a headset with high clamping force. It helps to keep the headphones sturdy on the user’s head as they move and prevent them from falling. On the other hand, if most of your work involves staying in a seat for hours, you can also consider headphones with lower clamping force. Because the lower the clamping force, the more comfortable the device is.


The above are the top 6 most commonly asked questions before buying Sennheiser office headsets. They are surely going to assist you with your headphone purchase. As the usage preferences of every office employee are different, the perfect Sennheiser headset is also different for everyone. However, one gets sheer build and sound quality, which are common attributes in all Sennheiser headsets. It makes them an obvious choice for businesses such as call centres.

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