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How to Export AOL email to Outlook PST on Mac Machine?

AOL is one of the well-known and popular email applications that stores user messages on its server. AOL Mail is a free cloud-based email client that provides IMAP access to the AOL Mail account. It keeps all the mailbox items such as email messages, tasks, contacts, etc. in PFC file format i.e., Personal Filing Cabinet. Users are unable to access or view AOL files in MS Outlook on a Mac operating system.

Outlook supports PST or Personal Storage Table format to save the mailbox data. Outlook PST format is neatly advanced and precisely stores mailbox data items in a systematic way. It is more flexible to the users and offers various effective and customized features to the users. Most of the users want to export AOL email to Outlook on Mac but they are not aware of the right solution.

In this blog, we will describe a full-fledged solution to export AOL email to PST on Mac OS. But first, let’s have a look at some of the reasons why users want to migrate AOL to Outlook.

What are the Reasons to Export AOL Mail to Outlook on Mac?

Outlook is one of the most widely used and versatile email clients that efficiently runs on all Mac OS versions. However, AOL is also a broadly used web-based email application for the transportation of email messages. But Outlook is the most reliable and professional email service for which users export AOL email to Outlook on Mac.

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Below are some of the major reasons to transfer AOL to Outlook PST on Mac.

  • Outlook provides more secure and advanced mail features.
  • Automatic deletion of AOL account due to inactive users for more than 180 days.
  • Outlook is capable to perform cross-program functionalities.
  • Users can schedule their daily tasks and meetings with Task and calendar facility provided by Outlook.
  • Outlook provides systematic updates to meet the new requirements of the users.

These are the basic factors for which users are required to migrate AOL Mail to Mac Outlook. So now let’s move on to the methods through which users can convert AOL email to Outlook on Mac.

Manual Method to Export AOL email to Outlook on Mac OS

Talking about the manual method then users have to follow a systematic procedure to migrate Mac AOL to Outlook PST. They must have to follow the right steps to get the desired output. Any inconclusive solution might be prone to the risk of data loss and corruption.

Users are required to follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to connect my AOL email to Outlook on Mac.

  • Open Outlook for Mac and Sign In to the application.
  • Click on the File and select the Info option from the menu to export AOL email to PST.
  • Click on Add Account and select the Manual Setup option then the Next button to export AOL email to Outlook Mac.
  • Select the IMAP option from the menu and click on the Next button.
  • Now, log in to your AOL account and press the more setting option.
  • Select the Outgoing server option and tick on the My Outgoing Server Authentication box.
  • Similarly, check on Use Same Settings for the Incoming Mail Server option and press the Next button.
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By following the above procedure users can perform AOL to Outlook migration on Mac. But it is not considered to be an effective solution to transfer AOL to Outlook on Mac. Users are suggested to perform the manual steps carefully to prevent any data loss. 

Limitations of Manual Method to Export AOL email to Outlook on Mac

Migrating AOL emails to Outlook manually is a very tedious task. Users have to follow the long and time-consuming procedure to meet the result. Users are suggested to create a copy of AOL emails before proceeding with the manual technique. The manual method is not considered to be an effective and suitable solution to deal with.

We have mentioned some of the limitations of the manual process to convert AOL email to Outlook on Mac.

  • Users are required to have good technical knowledge while performing the steps.
  • Any inaccuracy or alteration in the steps results in the complete failure of the migration process.
  • It is not possible to quickly and bulk export AOL email to Outlook.
  • Users are unable to transfer AOL email attachments separately using the manual process.
  • If there are large and bulk emails to transfer then the system may hang or slow down.

The manual procedure is risky and does not produce effective and efficient results. To overcome such limitations many professionals and users prefer an automated solution to export AOL email to PST on Mac. An advanced and premium AOL Backup Tool for Mac is the prominent solution to backup and migrate AOL emails. Users can perform risk-free and quick conversion of AOL emails to Outlook on Mac. It delivers highly accurate results by preserving the original folder hierarchy throughout the process. Users can also export all email attachments in a separate folder without any data alteration.

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Summing Up

In the given blog, we’ve mentioned some reasons to export AOL email to Outlook on Mac. We have also discussed the manual method and its limitations to export AOL to Mac Outlook. Users are suggested to always use a professional and automated solution to avoid such limitations. An advanced solution delivers 100% accurate and effective results with high data security. It takes very less time and effort of the users and facilitates a smooth migration process.

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