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How do you create an Organisation Data-driven?

An Organisation is not just a hierarchy of people and processes but also of technology and technical prowess. What makes an organisation is the practice of various procedures, sharing of ideas and responsibilities and the movement towards a common goal. There are all kinds of vision and mottos for organisations these days but perhaps the most beneficial and highly regarded goal in this generation is to become a data driven organisation. For those who are familiar with the term would instantly agree the benefits of being a data driven firm for better productivity and goal achievement. A Technical staffing agency is helpful for an organisation who wants to move towards a data driven future by adding team members who are data driven themselves and understand the importance of basing all decisions, processes and procedures in an organisation over data and not just on theoretical facts and functions.

What is a Data Driven Organisation?

Let’s begin by explaining what being a data driven organisation is – most organisations or companies take decisions based on past experiences, feedback, change in management and new ideas or philosophies that they want to incorporate to their short term goals, so as to make the long term goals more achievable. In most cases, they may be successful, but in a large number of cases, these decisions and changes are futile and often result in nothing.

A data driven organisation has a slightly different approach. Unlike basing decisions on mutual agreements, latest trends in business models or functional setbacks, an organisation derives insights purely from data. In this way, all the decisions be it minor or major within a company or organisation is purely functional and purely based on the data that is present for everyone to see.

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These kinds of decisions and reforms in an organisation are often based on facts and pure data and therefore have a solid foundation that can yield better results for the company. The process to transform a regular organisation into a data driven organisation includes a long and tedious process but the results are worth the pain staking procedure.

Creating a Data Driven Organisation

In a data driven organisation, Data privacy and security must be given due diligence by hiring the best technical staff who can help in facilitating the same – a functional and expert technical staffing agency can help in creating a team that has a clear data driven perspective for the organisation. A technical team and staff that knows and understands the value of data through data analytics is key to a data driven organisation. Below are some of the key aspects in creating a data driven organisation:

  • Data Access

One of the most important and yet the most notorious aspects when it comes to data driven organisation is the access to data being present to all stakeholders.

  • Data Transparency

Data must be transparent and made available to all managerial hierarchy for decision making

  • Leading by example

Even the smallest of decisions must be anchored in data therefore helping the team members to follow the lead of the managers

  • Creating SOPs

It is easier to follow data driven and proven SOP so that there is very minimal deviation from process

  • Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an essential part of a data driven organisation helping the various stakeholders to make the right decisions and empowering them with data.

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