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How to Make Amazing Icon-Based Landing Pages

When visiting a website for the first time, most users will scan the page for visually attractive content before beginning to read. So, even if you have a terrific product or service with excellent writing, if you don’t present it correctly, you risk losing a potential customer.

That’s why no matter how important or exciting the information you’re providing is, if you can’t convince your users to pay attention. An icon is a simple and effective way to draw attention to the content on your website. in this post we’ll teach you why you should utilize icons on your website or how to do it effectively.

How an icon may help you make a better landing page:

Icons are widely used in web design. They have the potential to improve the UI/UX design and user experience of a landing page if used appropriately. Icons are very useful for assisting users in browsing a website since they give a visual signal to the content. Let’s have a look at why you should utilize icons in your web design and how to make the most of them on your landing pages:

1. By providing structured information, you can improve readability (visual anchor):

Although using words to communicate ideas is the most direct technique, too much text may boring readers. They will lose focus and completely disregard the message. As a result, utilizing landing page icons to illustrate these responsibilities and features might be really beneficial. They not only add variety to the segment, but they also give the subject a visual interpretation.

Your sorted list may appear more attractive if you use an icon for websites. On the other side, standard bullets can be boring. Too many paragraph lists can be confusing and ineffective in terms of reading. Instead of using standard bullets, you may use creative icons to pay attention to paragraphs and other blocks of content. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

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2. Improve the landing page’s attractiveness and personability:

There are many different styles of icons. Certain icons make advantage of shadows and reliefs, as well as planes, linear, 3D effects, and other effects. By using a different style in your icons, you may bring personality to the whole design. A website’s graphical attractiveness may be enhanced with perspective icons.

In conclusion, selecting icons that artistically complement the aesthetics of your website is crucial for a more corporate design. Avoid utilizing cheesy icons if your company requires seriousness and professionalism. If your business caters to young people, on the other hand, why not utilize more appealing icons?

How to make a landing page with icons

The main goal of using icons is to help the user absorb and process information more quickly. Even the most basic text gains substance when icons are used effectively. Icons should be utilized to enhance rather than detract from or replace your content.

1. To bring attention to certain features, use a variety of icons:

Icons for web design act as a visual encouragement for people to test out various functionalities. As a result, icons should capture the attention of your users to the function and guide them to it. Explain why the feature is so great once you’ve gained their attention.

Consider what you’re trying to express with the material and use icons to support it. What is the main focus of the website or article? What are the colors that were used? What is the most recent fashion trend? Modern? Classic? Icons should visually incorporate the material’s themes as well as the general design of the website.

2. Replace the bullets:

Because the conventional bullet is an out-of-date design that is likely to bore you, you may want to explore expressing your views with more attractive icons. Ticks and arrows, for instance… Users will surely notice this.

Bullets are more difficult to remember than icons. Icons, unlike bullets, are far more identifiable and so recognized. It’s also a lot easier to tell between different text portions. However, don’t go overboard because everything in excess is undesirable.

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3. Use icons to connect to social media (a Facebook button, an Instagram button, etc.):

Because of their pervasiveness in our daily lives, most social media icons are easily recognizable. The blue “F” marks for Facebook and the blue bird icon for Twitter may be recognized without knowing the platform’s name. As a result, most people are aware of what occurs when they click on such icons on a site or in an email.

Marketers and business owners have a fantastic opportunity to include social media icons in their marketing plans. They may be used on your home page, in blog posts, or on websites. A great way to make it simple for your visitors to access your social media accounts is by including social network links on your landing pages. There, they could learn more about the goods and services offered by your business.

4. Obtain feedback:

A feedback button is a covert tab on any website, online class, or web application. A feedback button may be used by your customers to provide you quick on-page feedback if they encounter a problem or have a recommendation. The use of a feedback button on web pages has several benefits. Consider this:

  • Capture the interest of your clients
  • Make your website more appealing.
  • Make it clear to your users that you appreciate their opinions and are willing to learn more about them.
  • Feedback is delivered through a controlled private route, as opposed to people discussing issues on social media.

Icon library/source list:

The following list of web design icons might help you update your website:

1. Orion Icon Library:

The Orion project from Pixeden promises to provide online icons that can be changed directly from their web interface and are extremely customizable. You may edit a variety of your icons using the web app, including line, solid, color, and flat symbols, all in a precise and consistent style. You may get the icon you need for website design by using the search bar or browsing their icon packs if you know exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Flaticon:

More than a million vector icons are included in this collection. Users of Flaticon have unlimited control over design aspects and have access to an endless number of icons. All icons may be altered to meet the unique color and size specifications of different designers. Additionally, users can produce symbol typefaces for both personal and professional use.

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3. Iamvector:

Users may download free icons from the website IamVector. Designers of UI/UX, visual arts, and graphic design can use its services. Iamvector is an excellent online resource that offers a wide variety of possibilities in addition to just icons. They provide a sizable collection of free SVG icons and a huge library of vector drawings. There are no Copywrite restrictions, as the name would imply, and all of their works are free.

4. Freepik:

As suggested by the website’s name, Freepik offers a vast library of freely downloadable icons for landing pages and vectors. More than 100,000 icons are available for search and exploration in the site’s icon library. The icons range in complexity from straightforward to sophisticated, and there are options for line, filled, and colorful symbols. Regarding licensing, each icon has a unique set of restrictions.

5. Iconmonster:

Over 4000 icons are organized into more than 300 categories on Iconmonstr, an icon library for website design. Each icon set includes both outlines and completed versions of the pictures to ensure that they may be utilized in a variety of design applications. The great news is that you don’t need to download anything because you can get the code directly from the page.

6. Canva:

A free and paid design platform is offered by the website Canva to its users. You could make professional improvements to your designs by using Canva’s many free icons. You may use the icons for web design in Canva’s stock picture library for your projects to express your ideas without using words, ranging from straightforward signs to recognisable symbols.

7. Smashicons:

One of the most comprehensive libraries of icons for web design is accessible at Smashicons, which boasts over 175,000 icons in its library. Not every icon in this library is the same, in contrast to some of the other icon libraries listed. Therefore, you must ensure that all of the symbols you use are contained inside a certain icon set if you want to retain a consistent look and feel on your website.


In some ways, icons are like accessories. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your website, this draws consumers in and encourages them to explore your business further. An understated sense of style or personality may be conveyed to others through the use of icons, which offer that polished sense of wholeness. Learn how to add icons to your website right away whether you want to give it a distinctive look or just make your material easier for customers to access.

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