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Enhancing Website Experience to Boost eCommerce Sales

With the rapidly growing ecommerce industry, your ecommerce business may miss the pace with the increasing competition. But, the major reasons may also include bad website experience which increases the customer bounce rate. 

A good website design can become a very effective growth tool for your ecommerce business. From searching for the intent by the user to purchasing the product from your ecommerce website, the journey has a lot of touch points, depending mostly on your website’s experience. Therefore, you must look into some important website experience factors and improvise them to make good sales.

1. Optimize Website Page Load Speed

The strength of your ecommerce business depends on your website performance. Naturally, if your website visitors are met with painful navigation and inept design, slow page loading speeds, they will surely leave your website forever. Most of the users judge your website based on solely how it looks. Statistics reveal that your website has already lost 25% of potential viewers by the time it’s loading in 4 seconds. Such a deadly statistic cannot be ignored, and should be avoided.

Here are some tips to improve the same:

  • Use small sized and necessary graphic elements on the first page and first portion of the screen.
  • Keep proper navigation for detailed images.
  • Remove unwanted negative spaces on the page.
  • Provide proper navigation patterns from the user’s perspective.
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2. Retarget Customers With Email Campaigns And Remarketing Ads

Selling to existing customers is easier than attracting new customers, and that’s why you should improve your marketing efforts to make repeat sales. For this purpose you can use two ways – email marketing and remarketing advertising.

Google helps in targeting your past customers through remarketing ads as these people are likely to be more receptive to your brand message, as your business has already touched them. The eye-catching design of your advertisement can attract them back to your website, and you can easily make more sales through the same. You can also pair the marketing campaign with some valuable offer or discount which can easily increase your sales.

Email is still considered a highly effective marketing tool for customers who shop online as they are mostly gadget-savvy. A more personalized email can attract the customer back to your business.

3. Mobile-friendly Optimization For Your Ecommerce business

When the whole world is switching to internet connectivity, mobile devices become an easy way to access the internet for most of the users. People all around the world prefer accessing the internet services like shopping, reading news, emails, etc. directly through their mobile devices. Such a huge choice of mode of internet access should not be ignored if you want to boost your ecommerce sales. Also, make use of tools like Posh bot to further improve your sales.

Therefore, your ecommerce website must be optimized for user’s mobile devices. You cannot risk losing your huge business sales with ignoring the mobile-responsiveness of your website. This means that your ecommerce website’s product images, description, details, etc. should adjust to the shape/ size of any smaller screen on which it appears. Such a responsive website becomes easy to navigate and intuitive towards the user’s device type, which allows for sales improvement easily.

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4. Work On Your Landing Pages

If you’re seriously working on improving your ecommerce business sales, then you must improve your landing page. Basically, a landing page is devoted specifically to a single offer or product on an ecommerce website. Here, every single element of the page is intentionally designed with a laser-focused single call to action of converting the browser into a customer. 

You can easily feature the marketing offers and products with a uniquely designed landing page on the ecommerce website. Also, there are options of creating audience specific landing pages, where you can cater to specific needs and perspectives of some people, increasing the sales scope from the target audience. Remember, your landing page should avoid any distractions, and focus on providing a clear call to action, leading to the purchase from the customer through that call to action.

5. Targeting Abandoned Shopping Carts Of Customers

Converting any customer into a sale, the shopping cart is the final obstacle between the purchase and the customer. After loading up the carts, many customers suddenly disappear due to many reasons. Those reasons can be price shock, check-out issues, payment issues, later purchase intent, or anything. But, by fixing the shopping cart design flaws you can easily reduce those almost-sales numbers.

  • Check it anything confuses customers
  • How many steps are there to complete the purchase.
  • Make sure your e-commerce product images are spot on
  • Check the loading speed
  • Fix any bugs or errors in payment or check-out process.

Carefully track the check-out issues and take some customer reviews for the same. Any minor inconvenience can become your opportunity to boost your ecommerce sales. Make sure your shopping cart becomes as transparent as possible, with smooth check-out and payment process.

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You can also include exclusive sections for those customers who are not looking for anything specific like, “best sellers’ “, “new trends”, etc. this tactic plays a vital role in attracting new customers to your ecommerce website. 

Bottom Line

Enhancing your website experience for boosting the ecommerce sales can be challenging, but not impossible. You can easily follow the above steps and improve your chances of getting new customers through website load speed improvement, and mobile-responsive website design. 

Also, it is important to target the new customers for increasing the sales connectivity and network by retargeting the customers and improving the landing pages for your products. Also, you must find the optimum solution for the abandonment of the check-out carts. Now, you’re ready to boost your ecommerce sales.

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