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5 Cliches About Social Media Marketing You Should Avoid

The internet world is there to increase the sales of your business. There are so many tips to know that will help you create a social media marketing strategy. Maybe the strategy you are following does not become relevant to your business, and hence you do not observe any sales in your business. Social media plays an important role in the up-scaling of your business. Therefore, you should not take a risk and plan the social media marketing strategy better. All you need is to understand how social media works and manage the business strategy.

There are certain things and strategies that, if you follow in the tour business for marketing purposes, can destroy the company’s image. Therefore, you must follow certain things that will help in the growth of the business. This article will share certain cliches that most businesses knowingly and unknowingly follow and create blunders. Therefore, it is time for you to know the cliches and save yourself from repeating the same mistakes in social media marketing.

Following are the cliches for your business’s social media marketing:

#Cliche 1: the company is best

In all types of online and offline, the company says it all that “our company is the best.” It is more like the exaggerated claim that every company does. But, in the true sense of the B2B market, certain segments are different and even rare. Too much praising of yourself will become negative for the growth of your business. The self-regulation rules define that a company cannot be excellent by nature. Therefore, you must avoid comparing your business with competitors and say that you are always the best.

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#Cliche 2: Exaggerate positivism

In social media marketing, celebrating the achievement and posting the same on the social media page with the company’s boss or management head is called exaggerated positivism. It depicts to the customers that the company always has a bubble of goodness. It deceives the customers that they only have good qualities and not a single bad one. This image of the business is not the real one. It is good to celebrate achievements and targets, but too much exaggeration can drive negatively. It is a cliché thing, and hence you have to avoid it.

#Cliche 3: Business wants recognition

The marketing techniques must ensure that the business focuses on the clients’ needs and desires. But most businesses focus on their advertising and marketing goals. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the business to connect with their customers. It can tremendously negatively impact your business if you are too focused on your goals and do not think much of your customers’ needs, complaints, or desires. Too much recognition of business without considering the customers is not at all a good idea. Too much exaggeration will spoil the image of the business and it can cause a bad impact for your business.

#Cliche 4: Website will be on top of search engine

It is something that all the businesses want to see themselves. It is like a craze for business owners to see their website on the top number on the search engine page. But it is a cliché activity when you are the services provider of the different services that serve your customers. Your main focus should be on giving the client the best service. If you consistently do so, then you can automatically achieve success. More people will visit your website, and Google will see that a particular website has the highest search volume, and it will push the website to the top of the search engine. This is how organic search works.

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#Cliche 5: Company sales are always online

The automation process of sales going online is a cliché thing to follow. But it would help if you always took a chance to bring the best solution with your business strategy. All you need is to understand the process, and it will give a good return when you rise socially and make the change for the better good. While the sale is on, human interaction is the best decision to connect with the customers for a better good. Do not keep the sales online all the time.


It would help if you did not always talk passively about the company but addressed all the customers’ queries. It helps you keep track of the customers, and you will know whether they made the purchase or not. Take all complaints and queries from the customers, and within a day, one or two come back and address the customers’ issues. The customer will monitor the situation, and the sales team will understand the customer’s needs perfectly. Therefore, the company will address the issues, and it will give the company the best return in terms of growth.

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Nupur ModhNupur Modh is the CEO of Rise Socially, a top digital marketing agency in India  for a wide range of industries. Since the last 15 years, she has been actively involved in digital marketing and social media marketing services. Nupur’s talent, expertise, and extensive experience have gained her a reputation as one of the most well-known social media  marketers in the industry. Her passion for success has led her to work with more than 500 Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and franchisees. Her extensive marketing and managerial experience has helped the company become a digital powerhouse.

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