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Top 10 Blockchain courses to Learn

What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain Technology can be defined simply as a resolute Digital Ledger system where data and information are stored in blocks, hence the name Blockchain Technology. Technology is so developed that the information stored is promulgated in real-time. Any changes or modifications are recorded in real-time, however, the linkage of blocks with this technology prevents it from being tampered with. Understanding the nuances of Blockchain Technology stipulates learning and mastering the intricacies involved. This post is dedicated to familiarizing readers with the top 10 Blockchain courses in India.

One of the top priorities of Blockchain Technology learning in India is to get a dossier of the best institute and the nature of the course. Let us now explore this in detail below.

Top 10 blockchain Technology courses in India

1. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a highly coveted institute in the world of online learning. The glamor of this institute lies in the top-notch training given to the learners along with the progressive experience building inclusions in their courses. The unique learning and upskilling techniques employed by Henry Harvin puts this institute at the apex of the list of top 10 Blockchain Courses to learn in India.

Henry Harvin’s Blockchain course is fabricated scientifically to meet the ever-growing demands of the Blockchain Industry. The Certified Blockchain training course from Henry Harvin encapsulates the following features:

  • Online live and interactive training sessions wherein expert trainers qualified in the subject render the coaching. The Blockchain course from Henry Harvin involves 32 hours of training.
  • The learners are motivated to take up the Internship program, that comes with the course at Henry Harvin to promote practical learning after the training is completed.
  • The course curriculum is vast and extensive, covering the topics like Blockchain basics, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • E-learning access for learners to enhance their skills through recorded sessions, video content, learning materials, and much more.
  • One year of Gold membership in the Academy that promotes the learners to accomplish their goals through bootcamps, hackathons, placement drives, and so on. During this period, they have brush-up sessions to clarify any doubts regarding the subject matter.
  • The Placement cell at Henry Harvin Education provides the learners the best opportunity to start their career in the Blockchain Technology domain through placement drives and Job listings.
  • The Hallmark Certificate issued post-completion of Henry Harvin’s Blockchain Course in India enhances the career competency of the learners, which is evident through an array of testimonials from previous learners from Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin’s Certified Blockchain course is available in :

Agra, Ahmedabad,  Allahabad,  Bangalore,  Bhopal,  Bhubaneshwar,  Chandigarh,  Chennai, Cochin,  Coimbatore,  Delhi,  Ernakulam,  Faridabad,  Gurgaon,  Hyderabad,  Indore,  Jaipur,  Kanpur,  Kolkata,  Lucknow, Mumbai,  Mysore,  Nagpur,  Noida,  Online,  Patna,  Pune,  Surat,  Vishakhapatnam.

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For the course fee of the Certificate Blockchain course from Henry Harvin visit

2. Intellipaat

One of the most popular names in the arena of professional training is the Intellipaat. They provide more than 150 professional training courses that help learners realize their career goals. The Blockchain Certification training from Intellipaat is an online Blockchain Course to learn in India. The details of this course are:

  • 27-hour Instructor-led training sessions.
  • Flexible Schedule
  • 40 hours projects
  • Job Assistance
  • Certification
  • The main topics covered are Blockchain Technology basics, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Mining, Secure Transactions, and Applications of Blockchain Technology.

3. Blockchain Council

If you are looking for in-depth training in Blockchain Technology, then Blockchain Council is the one-stop destination for your cause. This is a private organization that focuses on providing exclusive training, and research and development in this domain. The Certified Blockchain Expert gains fame as the Blockchain courses to learn in India that provide insights into the working of this technology through examples and case studies. The details of this course are:

  • Blockchain, its use, and its various other applications are inculcated into the curriculum.
  • Lifetime access to the training sessions videos.
  • There is a huge grid of various Blockchain training courses that are rendered online.

4. Great Learning- top 10 Blockchain Courses to learn

Another hot name in the world of online courses is the Great Learning platform. The courses here are cooked up for college students, and professionals at any point in their career as well. Allied with IIT Madras, the Advanced certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, IoT, and Blockchain course s an elaborate course that covers all the related concepts clear and crisp. The details of this course are:

  • 10 months of online training by expert IIT faculty
  • Hands-on experience in building real-life projects
  • Soft skills training, selected placement support, and mentorship.

5. TimesPro

The Times Group, to promote career-enhancing programs, has curated training and certification courses across many streams, one being the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Blockchain Technology in collaboration with IIM Nagpur. The trust and validity of the Times Group make this course one of the best among the top 10 Blockchain courses to learn in India in 2022. The details of this course are:

  • 9-month program with a Campus- immersion of 3 days.
  • The curriculum involves the Basics of Blockchain Technology, Application, use cases, Architecture, Programming, and capstone projects.
  • Chamber consulting by IIM Nagpur Faculty.

6. Indian Blockchain Institute- top 10 Blockchain courses to learn in 2022

Snapper Future Tech, with the mission of upskilling and creating more Blockchain experts in India, renders the courses through the Indian Blockchain Institute( IBI). The courses include Corporate programs, NASSCOM accredited programs, and Faculty-Development Programs. In addition to this Academia programs and self-paced modes of learning makes IBI one of the premier providers of skilled training. The details of this course are:

  • The Certified Ethereum program is for 60 hours and includes capstone projects.
  • The Corporate programs are Advanced Ethereum Developer programs and Expert Programs on Decentralized Finance, which include 60 hours and 120 hours of training respectively.
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7. Koenig

Koenig is one of the popular It training providers globally. Their learning base is spread in all the continents except South America and Antarctica. One of the unique features that make these pioneer trainers is that there are ultra-fast courses for experienced professionals that take half the time as prescribed usual. The Certified Blockchain Professional course aims to educate professionals in this domain to attain the most advanced expertise. The details of this course are:

  • 1-on-1 public, as well as group training, are available.
  • Weekday sessions are 4 hours and weekends are 8 hours.
  • Physical classroom training is also available.
  • Elaborate curriculum.

8. Croma Campus

Another famous education and training provider at a professional level is the Croma Campus. The certificate Blockchain online training here teaches the learners based on their goals. The curriculum is designed to meet the evolving requirements of this growing industry, which make this an outstanding training provider among the top 10 Blockchain courses to learn in India. The details of this course are:

  • Weekdays, Weekends, and Fasttrack options are there to choose
  • Both classroom and online modes of learning are available.
  • 100% placement support and expert trainers take the learners through the concepts with ease.

9. Kerala Blockchain Academy- top 10 Blockchain Courses to learn

KBA provides training, consultant, and research activities under the Kerala University of  Digital Sciences, Innovation, and Technology. A wide spectrum of courses related to Blockchain Technology is provided by KBA and this makes it an impeccable platform in the list of top 10 Blockchain courses to learn in India. The details of the course are:

  • There are three free foundation courses on Blockchain, Ethereum, and Hyperledger.
  • The Certificate Blockchain courses are online,self-paced, and Instructor-led/Virtual with lifetime access to the course content.

10. Inventateq

Internet Marketing courses are the main focus of Inventateq, with many centers in Pan India being highly regarded among their peers. The Blockchain Certification Training provided here is top-notch and it is listed among the top 10 Blockchain courses to learn in India. Soft skills, Career Guidance, and Practical training are all pluses of this course. The other details are:

  • The curriculum goes hand-in-hand with the changing trends in the industry.
  • 2 -months of classes, with both weekdays and weekend sessions.
  • Corporate Training, Classroom learning, and Online learning modes are available.
  • Three projects on Blockchain, Ethereum, and Bitcoin for comprehensive knowledge of the concepts.
  • The course is designed to suit both professionals and students/freshers as well.
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While the above list of top 10 Blockchain courses to learn in India would help you get insights on the trending courses, let us now go through the various other aspects of this fantastic Blockchain Technology.

Importance of Blockchain courses

Originally built for Cryptocurrency, which lost its fame midway, Blockchain Technology was adopted by other domains of work lie Supply Chain Management, healthcare, Gaming sector, and so on. Owing to the secure database, and ease of use, Blockchain is gaining momentum in other fields as well.

More and more expert professionals are like the Gold dust and having a stronghold on Blockchain Technology can help advance their careers. Blockchain applications are widely adopted these days by multiple industries, and it is just a matter of time before it dominates the other Database Technologies.

Career Opportunities in Blockchain in India

While we are it, let us know more about the various Blockchain roles that are available in India:

  • Blockchain Developers- They are programmers to curate applications with Blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain Project managers- They should be able to handle the Blockchain Projects with the help of expert professionals who can build Blockchain solutions.
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer- Should overlook all the Blockchain activities and drive them to achieve high quality and success.
  • Blockchain Designer- Should be able to create a trustworthy Blockchain User interphase.
  • Blockchain Legal Consultants- Should be able to give legal advice related to Blockchain implementation and adoption.


Blockchain Technology in India has seen significant growth in the past years. It is set to renovate and resolve many sectors and Industries in India and is estimated to grow to$176 billion business by 2050. This calls for a mammoth level upsurge in the opportunities for expert professionals in this line of work. If you are an aspirant to make a career in this arena, spare no time and get enrolled in the best suitable course from the above list of top 10 Blockchain Courses to learn in India. Happy Choosing!


  1.  Where do I start a career in Blockchain Technology?

ANS: You can start by selecting the best-suited course from the list of top 10 Blockchain courses in India. Master the concepts, earn the certification and most courses above provide placement support to start a career in this area.

  1. Do I need to know programming to learn Blockchain Technology?

ANS: Yes, it is desirable to know the basic programming languages like C#, Python, Java, etc to understand and become a Blockchain Developer.

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