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Who Owns Combat Sporting Company Now?


Combat Sporting Company was sports goods manufacturing company established in 1994. CE Composite Inc. was the parent company of Combat, situated in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Combat was established as CE Composite’s composite baseball and softball manufacturing wing. However, Combat entered the baseball and softball composite bat manufacturing in 2004. 

Combat has been dedicated to manufacturing world-class bats from the beginning of composite bat manufacturing. If you see, you will find the Top 10 Best Combat Baseball Bat also on the list of top bats in the industry. 

However, Combat had been dedicatedly producing top-class bats that reached the peak of success. Combat was able to set high-standard with its bats. 

Because the brains behind Combat were not only the engineers and designers but also the die-hard fans of baseball. Combat Sports came to the market with the slogan “FOR PLAYERS, BY PLAYERS.”

However, the deviations happened later somehow. 

Who Owns Combat Sporting Company Now?

If you want to know the present owner of Combat Sports Company, the answer could be “Easton Diamond Sports LLC.” in one sentence. But there are many facts to explain before taking the answer seriously. 

Bauer Performance Sports Group (PSG) acquired Combat Sporting company in 2013 for $4 million from the CE Composite. On the other hand, PSG also acquired Easton Diamond Sporting LLC. in 2014. 

Though Combat was one of the leading composite bat manufacturers, PSG announced to close the activity of Combat under the name of Combat at the end of October 2016.

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It is because they wanted to facilitate their production under a single administration. The CEO of Bauer Performance Sports, Harlan Kent, said, 

“We believe it is in the best interest of our company, customers, and shareholders to streamline our baseball/softball business under a single infrastructure to better focus our efforts on creating the most innovative products while maximizing our financial results.”

Easton is in charge of the brand, so it is not presently producing any bats with the Combat mark on them. Despite the fact that Performance Sports has said they want to maintain the Maxum lineup under the Combat name.

Combat Sporting Company

On the other hand, Easton is now using Combat’s all-composite technology, which was developed in-house by Combat Sports. PSG had decided to shut the Combat plant in Ottawa by this point.  

On the other hand, all Performance bats manufacturing under its subsidiaries had been taking place in Thousand Oaks, California. 

Combat was shut down in order to restructure the brand under the direction of a strong administration. This phenomenon is not unexpected when it comes to the commercial world, particularly in the sports sector.

The Afterward Event

After integrating Combat Sporting Company with Easton, Bauer Performance had been the owner of Easton for the next 4 years. 

In October 2020, Rawling Sports Goods, another oldest sporting equipment company in America, acquired Easton Diamond Sports LLC. 

After Rawlings Spots purchased Easton, the name Combat was retired for good. Even Rawlings Sports relocated its Easton bat production site to China, citing cost savings.

Ultimately, Combat Sports, one of the leading and high-profile composite baseball bat manufacturers, has closed forever. The slogan “FOR PLAYERS, BY PLAYERS” had merged with the Easton Company. 

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