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VR Technology The Realization of Fantasies

Whenever there is a discussion on Virtual Reality, many think of science fiction movies. But the reality is that VR technology easily blends with our everyday lives. Like in medicine, video games and education, there is always VR, one technology that will stay forever.

What do you mean by virtual reality?

VR is an environment which is a computer generated with different objects and scenes which will appear real and even make the users feel that you will be immersed in the perfect surrounding. It is an environment that will perceive through the device you call a headset for VR or even the helmet. VR allows us to immerse ourselves in video games, and we are the characters. You can easily learn to perform surgery, learn the different sports training and even maximize performance.

It looks extremely futuristic with its origin, and it is not recent as we can think of. Sensorama, an invention from the 1950s, is the machine in the play 3D movies to make the movies as vivid as possible. With each year, there is development in software and technology, bringing progressive development of the technology, interface design and devices to make it more realistic and effective.

What is the difference with Augmented Reality?

It is a technology which originated many years ago, but people need to become more familiar with the VR concept. It is common and even helps to confuse the term VR with AR technology. The main difference is that VR is an immersive technology and that everything we feel and see is part of the environment and artificially constructed through the images, the sounds etc.

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Also, on the other hand, augmented reality (AR) is just like the world, which will become the framework within the perfect objects with similar places and images. Everything that we feel and see in the real world, where there is no strict idea to wear a headset. The mainstream and clear example is Pokemon Go. For both realities, there is a combination of the mixed reality. It is a hybrid technology that will make it possible to see virtual objects in the real world and even helps to build the experience, which refers to the digital and physical are even practically non-combustible.

VR and its main application

In the fields like culture, education, medicine and architecture, you will find that this technology is already in use, and many fields have taken real advantage of the technology. From surgery to guiding the museum view, VR has crossed all the boundaries, which was unimaginable, but it creates a new revolution. Even people are accepting this beauty of technology to create a major change in how we live and operate in our daily lives.

VR and its innovative uses

  • Dining- you can put on the headset and travel to different places and immerse yourself in that environment and taste different dishes from the locations you see in the VR technology headset.
  • Medicine- Spanish National Research Council reduces the effects of Parkinson’s in several patients with the help and use of VR.
  • Media- you can take the different users to places with immersive journalism where there are events that you can occur with 360-degree live streaming videos.
  • Education- VR use in classrooms is the perfect place because it will retain the best knowledge and help students with any learning difficulties.
  • Entertainment- VR users can enjoy sports, watch movies and play video games without moving from the sofa.
  • Architecture- the architects get the best help with space and projects to meet the client’s needs in the architecture field.
  • Industry- factory workers can make the practice better and even understand the culture and history you can associate with each work.
  • Military- UK Ministry of Defence use VR training to simulate combat environments.
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VR and the future

VR is one of the best technologies with a high and projected potential for perfect growth. As per the latest forecasts from IDC Research, in 2018, an investment in AR and VR will multiply 21-fold over the next four years and reach 15.5 billion euros by 2022. In addition, both technologies will be the key to the company’s digital transformation plans and spending in the area that will exceed the consumer sector by 2019. It is in the expectation that by 2020, that half of European companies with introduce both AR and VR technology and strategy.

The market demands applications beyond leisure, marketing, and tourism that become more affordable to users. The virtual interfaces need perfect improvement so that you can avoid defects like clipping, and it makes certain solid objects that appear as though they can pass through. Even it will minimize the effects of VR production, like motion sickness, a kind of dizziness that can mismatch between the body and what you can see in the virtual world.

The big technology companies are working hard to create the headset where you do not need cables, allowing the images to be viewed in HD. They are in the development of the headset in 8K and with powerful processors. It will integrate AI shortly. In the interesting scenarios, there are the latest 5G standards, and that makes the perfect evolution of the VR. It is a standard that will allow devices with large user communities that one can connect.

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In addition, there is the most imperceptible latency, it will make it possible for the consumers to receive real-time images, and it feels like they are seeing it with their own eyes. It means that VR is no more science fiction; it blends with our everyday lives and will take advanced forms to shape the best future.

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