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How VFX Brought A Digital Revolution Awesome techniques to avoid frequent losing trades, In Cinema


Technology is one of the biggest revolutions in the modern world. Technology has left its signs in every sector of the world. Which also includes the world of Cinema.

With the invention of digital media, the world of cinema was first revolutionized. With rapidly evolving technology, the development and usage of visual effects in modern cinema began. Gradually, cinema, television, marketing, advertisement, and video games now started to embrace these visual effects, also known as VFX technology.

The increasing demand and interest in VFX technology created a revolution in the world of the media and entertainment industry over the past years. The market evolved and transformed to a whole new level.

In the beginning, VFX was mainly used in cinema, but now its effects have impacted the world of television. Used to strengthen the story and provide a creative vision and communicate innovative and mystic creative imagery to the audience.

This VFX technology has created a rapid advancement in the world of entertainment. Hence it reached the general masses faster than usual. The growth of VFX in the global market created tremendous growth.

Competitive Global Market For VFX

The demand for VFX on a global market has grown at a rapid pace. Due to that immense pace of growth in the global market, VFX has created a lot of competition in the market. Most of the players in the VFX in the Global market have been competing to improve the technology even more.

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The main companies that have engaged in further innovation and technological advancement of the VFX industry are Red Giant Software, Animal Logic, CoSA VFX, Foundry Visionmongers, Weta Digital, and Whiskeytres, FuseFX, Worldwide FX, Zoic Studio, Blackmagic Fusion, Video Copilot, and Absolute Post.

VFX Crafting A Photorealistic Cg Digital Character

The main but untold goal in the VFX industry, have always created a photorealistic CG Digital Character. Which are so realistic that the difference between the real character and the CG character won’t be distinguishable, not even by the audience.

One of the most remarkable examples of such CG characters are Paul Walker from Furious 7 and also Grand Moff Tarkin of Rogue One. For both these movies, the directors used CG characters and created animation technologies.

There are technologically challenging scenes that were properly cover-up by great details of the shadows and reflected light through them. Hence, the main goal for CG characters in the future is to make more characters as such. In the future, makeup artists are the ones who are going to play a major role in photorealistic CG technology.

Improving Tools And Techniques In Visual Effects

The tools and technology for creation are evolving on a regular basis. Someone trained in VFX plays a vital role in the movie industry and its development. With the inventions of new machines and more innovative software, human editing became way easier and more advanced.

With the help of motion controlled cameras, it is easier to even replicate the motion control of the cameras for composting, capturing high-speed activities, and also the high frame rate needed to expose the slow motion with some added association.

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When Virtual Reality entered the market, a new phase created a new wave in the market. Creating a few virtual places, as well characters and things so as to provide an amazing experience for the audience.

With a few undetectable effects, any VFX artist is now able to create miniature continuation errors, a few set and dress issues, and even makeup continuations.

Some Eye-Catching Movies Utilizing VFX

Few of the movies used brilliant VFX technology to create an eye catchy experience for the audience. Here are a few examples of movies that created movie magic on screen.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

This film created a great VFX marvel in the movies. VFX companies like Scanline VFX, DNEG, Method Studio, Luma Pictures, Industrial Light and Magic, Lola VFX, etc. DNEG has worked on over 500 shots, including many effects which include some of the lead characters.

●  First Man

In First Man,  a scenery generated a program, Terragen. Created with a display LED screens. There are also archival footage that shows the Apollo launch which used 70mm military stock, which was ultimately cut from the movie. The shots were then cleaned up and then used in the movie.


This is one of the oldest but a great example of the use of VFX technology in a movie in the history of Cinema. James Cameron gave all this creative imagination to this movie in 2009.

This was known as the most innovative and technologically advanced movie, Cameron then invented his own technology in the world of Pandora, among the blue-skinned inhabitants.

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This is the first movie that used photorealistic background and motion captured characters. This is the movie that created an epic journey and adventure, that totally blurred the lines between live-action and animation, on the big screen.

This is also the first real-time animation that was used to also show live feedback as a performance that was like a virtual character.


VFX is one of the most advanced technologies that have and will create a revolution in the world of cinema. This virtual reality has created a whirlwind in the world of cinema.

Reducing the lines between the world of reality and the virtual world would totally transform the virtual milestone for human knowledge. With more such VFX advanced movies coming out each year, it truly takes a leap forward to the future in the world of movies.

Therefore it is very obvious to know that, today’s media and entertainment industry are using the VFX technology a lot and overloading the industry with content enhancing it.

In the past few years, films like The Avengers and Intersteller to Dawn of the Planet of Apes have created a revolutionary effect in the entertainment industry. Even though VFX was first introduced as the cherry on top of the cake, but it is becoming more of the whole cake over the past few years.

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