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Types of Heat Sealing and Tunnel Machines Available: A Guide for Choosing the Right One

Sealing machines are an important part of many businesses’ that undertake packaging for products using plastic films. If you want to purchase a Heat Tunnel Machine, in this post, we will see the different types of heat sealers and tunnel options available.

General Purpose Heat Shrink Tunnel

You can purchase a Heat Tunnel Machine of this type that comes with a fully recirculating air chamber with live roller rod conveyor, adjustable air velocity control, digital temperature control of 0-400 degrees, chromed conveyor rollers, and shaft, AC variable speed drive conveyor, with an adjustable speed of 0-75 feet per minute, blower motor, automatic tunnel cool down with shut off. It also features a lighted viewing window and thermal overload protection on all motors. 

Impulse Foot Sealer

These sealer machines are highly reliable and durable. They provide durable seals for almost any sealable plastic film and bag, which includes polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, polyolefin, polyurethane, mylar, biofilm, Kel-F, poly files, Tivac, Nylo, Saran, PVA, etc. the machine has sturdy steel and lightweight construction. It comes with a complete pedestal, adjustable work table, stand, and foot pedal. It is a free hand, which improves its efficiency. It also provides heat from both top and bottom sealing jaws and is great for sealing thick materials and gusset bags.

Double Jaw Foot Sealer with Upper Round Wire-Seal and Cut

This one has all the features described by the impulse sealer above, but it also comes with some unique features. It can finish cutting and sealing at open operations with the help of its upper jaw round wire and under jaw flat wire. It gives operators a secured seal while also eliminating the excess material above the seal. It’s a cut-and-seal impulse sealer that can extend its abilities with an additional accessory to allow the sealing head to be adjusted at different sealing angles. These sealers work with 110 volts of electricity.

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Single Jaw Footer Sealer with Cutter

The head of this sealer can be adjusted to a 30-degree angle, thus making it perfect for sealing liquid, powders, etc. It also comes with an obstruction-free throat that allows the use of roll-dispensed material to pack and seal. It also works well for sealing roll bags. The machine is equipped with a sliding blade for cutting excess material a quarter inch from the seal. 

Stainless Steel Single Jaw Impulse Foot Sealer

This sealer machine is convenient, economical, and easy to maintain and clean. This too has an obstruction-free throat that allows the use of roll-dispensed material to pack and seal. It is perfect for sealing liquid and powders due to its adjustable 30-degree angle. 

Pneumatic Impulse Auto Sealer

This is a new and unique one because its actual sealing pressure is strong, controllable, and consistent. This sealing machine is useful in selling applications where tie and pressure need to be regulated. They are much quieter since the clanging noise in most automatic sealers is significantly reduced. The sealer has a manual operation option where you can set the time interval between seals if using automatic mode.

Pneumatic Constant Heat Auto Sealer

This is an excellent choice for selling polycello films, polyethylene films, humidity-proof cellophane films, aluminum foil-coated bags, and gusseted bags. Using an ⅝ inch mesh seal can make this seal perfect for producing wide seals on thick bags. 

Adjustable Head Impulse Foot Sealer

This foot sealer also has the same features as an impulse heat sealer. But its sealing head angle can be tilted downward up to 45 degrees, allowing the user to bring the sealing to draw closer to the product. This minimizes the need to lift the product to the sealing constantly draws, thus increasing the production time and reducing user fatigue. It is an ideal machine for sealing packages of loose content like grains, powders, liquids, etc. 

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Constant Heat Sealer with Double Jaw and Beeper

This type of sewing machine is great for sealing polycello films, polyethylene film, humidity-proof cellophane film, gusset bags, and aluminum foil-coated bags. These units have a distinctive mesh, and the sealing thickness is ten mils. The sealing machine comes with a temperature controller and beeper signal to notify the operator to release the pedal when the sealing is complete. It includes a pedestal, adjustable work table, and stand. 

Table Top Heat Shrink Tunnel with Optional Stand

This is a compact, portable, light-duty shrink tunnel with a live roller rod conveyor, digital temperature control, and a recirculation air chamber. It also features an AC variable speed driver conveyor with an adjustable speed of up to 30 feet per minute. It comes with an automatic cool down with shut off, optional legs, and locking casters. This machine can be paired with tabletop L-bar sealer for a complete seal and shrink-packing solution. 

To Conclude

So, these are the various types of heat-sealing machines and tunnels you can look for. A reliable supplier can give you premium quality machines that speed up your sealing process and provide the perfect packaging solution.

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