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The Power of Curb Appeal: Enhancing Your Home’s Exterior to Attract Buyers

Curb appeal is, in fact, a first impression prospective buyers create about a property. It is powerful as prospective buyers make their buying decisions based on it. For example, a curb appeal of a certain property can be a decisive point in whether a buyer decides to even look at the rest of the house. The aesthetic look of a home’s exterior sets expectations for what the buyers can expect to see inside. To maximise your property’s value, you need to enhance your home’s exterior to attract buyers. Keep reading to learn more about the power of curb appeal.

To maximise our property’s value, we must understand why curb appeal matters and how it adds value to our home. Also, we must be aware of how bad curb appeal affects prospective buyers. As far as plausible ways to enhance it are concerned, we will mention landscaping, the property’s exterior, the driveway, the front door and windows.

Why curb appeal matters and adds value to your home

Curb appeal goes way beyond the mere looks of a home – it is also an ingenious marketing tool. As curb appeal sets expectations, it is also a tool for selling a home for a higher price. If curb appeal is astonishing, the value of your home goes up, which adds to the price. Prospective buyers are likelier to check out the house indoors when they like what they see outdoors. First impressions are vital when selling homes – that’s why we need to work on creating positive ones for a house we want to sell.

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Enhancing the visual attractiveness of your home can increase its worth and expedite its sale. When evaluating a property, financial institutions primarily consider the interior condition and features, making it challenging to quantify the impact of curb appeal on its value precisely. Nevertheless, on average, houses with properly maintained lawns and expertly designed landscaping tend to sell for approximately 7% higher than similar properties with exterior flaws or unappealing front yards.

How bad curb appeal affects prospective buyers

Bad curb appeal negatively affects prospective buyers – they might even give up viewing the rest of the property. The exterior and the yard are the first things buyers see on the house. If they drive by before the house showing and see an unappealing curb appeal, they might want to avoid going and seeing it. Also, what prospective buyers look at are the neighbouring houses. If the house they are checking out is the worst looking of them, they may hesitate to buy it. They will rather go for a more appealing listing. The best way to search for a dream house is through a local real estate agency. For example, if you’re looking to buy a property in Melbourne and you like Point Cook, hiring Point Cook real estate agents for great listings is best.

Ways to enhance it

Even if our curb appeal could be more satisfying, we can work on improving it. You can enhance several aspects, including landscaping, the exterior of the property, the driveway, and the front door and windows.

1. Landscaping

If your exterior is a mess, it does you no good even with the most perfect indoors. First, you should work on the grass and some basic landscaping. Start with the grass, trim it and water it. If some patches need to be fixed, fix them. Dirt patches give the impression that the property is aged, out-of-date, and neglected. All in all, your yard should look neat, clutter-free, with green grass. Everything else is a possibility but not a must-have.

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2. The exterior of the property

Aside from the roof, it is essential to assess the siding and overall exterior of the property. Neglecting a dirty exterior is unwise. Devoting a short time to power wash the deck or siding can have a significant effect. Consider it in the same way as selling a dirty car – a clean vehicle with a glossy finish is far more marketable than a dirty one. The same principle applies when selling a house.

3. Driveway

What we often overlook is the driveway. Your driveway shouldn’t be in poor condition – you should make it look its best. It also shouldn’t be full of weeds and cracks. Addressing this issue can be as simple as using weed spray and investing twenty minutes of your labour. If you have budget constraints, focus on the areas that require the most attention for touch-ups.

4. Front door and windows

The front door is hard not to notice when assessing a house’s curb appeal. Instead of completely replacing the door, consider if a fresh layer of paint can sufficiently rejuvenate its appearance. If you desire a long-term solution, investing in a new door is undoubtedly worthwhile, as it offers a notable return on investment.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal. What you choose to do will depend on the condition of your home’s exterior and your budget.

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