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Does Your Hip Joint Give You a Tough Time? Here Are Some Insights

People in their old age usually complain of hip pain. However, the reasons for this experience in anyone may range from injury and arthritis to other chronic conditions. Weak bones and muscles can also be responsible for this. Or, events like fractures and sprain can also make you face this physical challenge. No matter how you get it, the treatment depends on the underlying cause. Some simple measures like rest, heat, and ice can be effective in milder pain. If the pain is severe, medication or physical therapy may be necessary. Surgery can be recommendable only in rare cases. However, you can avoid this by choosing an alternative treatment. Are you aware of regenerative medicine?

You can visit the Austin Pain control clinic specializing in this field for diagnosis and therapy. Before this, let’s find out what underlying conditions can lead to this issue.

Hip bursitis

A patient with this medical condition usually experiences painand inflammation in the hip joint. Also referred to as a ball-and-socket joint, your hip joint contains a lubricating sac called the bursa. It helps reduce the friction of the hip joint and the surrounding muscles, bones, and tendons. However, an inflamed bursaleads to bursitis due to abuse, injury, and infection.


It makes your bones fragile, leading to the risk of fractures and breaks. Osteoporosis may be more common in older groups, but younger people can also fall prey to it. Some common reasons include family history, being underweight, and a few medical conditions. Although it is incurable, treatments can prevent the progress of this illness. Anyway, lower bone density caused by this disease can cause hip pain. Your risk of hip fracture also increases. If you suffer from this, it will be highly challenging. You may face disability issues. Experts say hip fractures are common in this condition, requiring hospital admission. It can even prove fatal for older adults.

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It is one of the leadingtypes of arthritis, affecting millions of people across the world. This degenerative disease can damage cartilage. A tissue like cartilage defends the joints like cushiony support. The bones face friction when affected, resulting in pain, stiff muscles, and inflammation.When this involves the hips, the effects can be painful and debilitating. Because your hip joint has to manage your body weight, you can feel challenged to perform your daily tasks due to damage. Climbing, walking, and sitting down or up can seem impossible. In severe cases, replacement surgery can become your option. Of course, no one wants to go for surgery. You might avoid it as well with regenerative medicine. But you have to choose the right place for help.

No physical pain and discomfort are ever minor, especially if it disrupts your normal functioning. If you have been tolerating your painful hips for some time now, it’s best to consult a specialist. If you fear traditional medicine can push you toward surgery or so, there is an option to select an alternative path of healing. Regenerative medicine it is. It is safe and can help you recover from your painful condition through a comprehensive process.

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