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Best Augmented Reality Tools & Solutions in 2022

Augmented reality has existed amongst mankind ever since the 1960s and has been used quite vividly ever since then but most people are unaware of what augmented reality is. The fact of the matter is that most consumers are seeing and using them in real life but have no clue about their nomenclature.

Some of the best online decor and furniture stores have been using AI or artificial intelligence in augmented reality for a very long time. Featuring the best augmented reality tools and solutions, the company is able to transform the way shoppers view, try and buy their furniture and home decor items online.

Not only has this amazing technology blown customers’ minds, but it has also skyrocketed sales, customer satisfaction with products and reduced returns and exchanges by a large value. This is why Augmented Reality tools are now becoming ubiquitous for companies to interact and communicate with their customers and sell products in an enhanced manner.

What is Augmented Reality?

Before knowing what the best augmented reality tools and solutions are, one must know and understand the concept of Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is a type of artificial intelligence that is developed to integrate real-life experiences and facts into virtual objects, images and pictures.

It presents an opportunity to enhance the way a user can see an item or object by adding real-life concepts to it, such as the user’s actual environment for scaling purposes and 3D imagery to get a full, angle-by-angle view of the object.

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It is basically the overlaying of computer design or imaging with real life imaging, audio, video and effects to bring the items and concepts alive.

Augmented reality is a concept now being used in many online platforms to sell products in an enhanced manner where a person can reimagine how the product will look when used, be it a personal product, an accessory, furniture, clothing, electronics, etc.

With superior augmented reality tools, the user can check the scaling of the object for real-time size and shape, estimate the color and design options and even check how the product will look and behave in their own space and setting. Augmented reality can completely transform the trial of a product before purchase.

Augmented Reality Tools in 2022

Augmented reality can be orchestrated in many ways with efficient tools and solutions. Many companies in the IT sphere are now providing various tools to convert their simplistic websites to include technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Some of the most common tools are mentioned below:

1. 2D to 3D conversion

A seller can transform the way users shop by converting images of the products and catalogs into 3D, allowing more depth and understanding of the product and making it more attractive.

2. Natural Image Overlay

Users can check how the product will look on them or in their space by using a camera to capture real-life imaging and then allowing the AR technology to combine both to give an optimal result with both images.

3. Interactive AR

Interactive AR helps in making the website as engaging as possible. It can also help sellers to identify potential areas of customer engagement within the site and analyze the trends of shopping by the customer on the website.

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