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Voltas Share Price Targets Big Returns In 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 –

Today we are going to talk about Voltas share price target 2022, 23, 25, 30, in which direction the performance of the well-known brand Voltas in India’s market can see in the next time, today we will try to know. The pace with which Voltas is emerging as a strong brand in its business segment in India is expected to see a huge growth in the company’s business in the coming times.

Today, along with analyzing the complete details of Voltas’s business, we will also look at the future opportunities of the company, so that we will get a good idea of ​​how much Voltas share price target is capable of showing in the coming time. Let us analyze in detail-

Voltas share price target 2022

Talking about the business segment of Voltas, most people think that the company only manufactures cooling products, but along with this, the company’s business is also spread in many different types of engineering projects and engineering products segment. Although talking about most of the revenue with Votas, the cooling comes from the product segment itself, but the company also gets to see a lot of revenue coming from the rest of the segment.

If we look at these three business segments, Voltas is seen increasing its market share every year with very good growth, both domestically and internationally, due to which there is full hope in the coming days that the company’s A good growth can be seen in revenue and profit.

As the company will be seen showing good growth in each of its segments, Voltas share price target You are going to see the first target of Rs 1070 with very good returns by 2022. After this target, you will soon see another target touching Rs 1125 as well.

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Voltas share price target 2023

In the core business segment of Voltas Cooling Products, the company has been maintaining a leading position in a major market in India for a long time as the company has always been seen keeping its product segment updated. No matter how old the company’s business is, but according to the new technology that is coming in the market, Voltas is changing its product, due to which it seems to be able to attract more and more customers through its product.

In the last few years, when Inverter AC started coming in the market for the first time, Voltas has transformed its product line very well and to meet that demand, it is seen launching its new product in the market. Due to which the company’s new product segment has also seen an increase in very good market share. In the coming years also, when any technology will be seen entering the market in this sector, Voltas sees every hope of establishing its dominance in the new product segment by making rapid changes in its product line.

Voltas share price target By 2023, showing very good growth in the business due to the company changing its product line at the right time, the first target is expected to show you Rs 1250. After that you can look for another target to be Rs 1350 interest.

Voltas share price target 2025

In view of the rapidly increasing demand for its product every year, Voltas and the management are seen investing more and more in the manufacturing facility to continuously increase its production capacity in order to capture more and more market of its sector. . Recently, the company has also partnered with Turkish company Arçelik to increase its manufacturing capacity, with the help of which the company is very easy to meet the demand of the market and also new products from time to time. Looks like I’m taking off.

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Voltas is trying its best to spread its business rapidly in new markets through its strong distribution network, along with that the company is also seeing the opening of exclusive outlets at different locations at a very fast pace, whose With this help, Voltas sees full potential to dominate the retail market in the coming days.

Looking at the business of the fast growing company everywhere, Voltas share price target can be seen showing you 1800 rupees by making very good earnings by 2025 as well as showing you the first target. And then you can consider holding the second target for Rs 1890.

Voltas share price target 2030

Voltas is slowly showing a lot of focus on localization instead of importing its products from outside countries. The government had also recently imposed a lot of strict rules on the import of products related to this sector in order to give maximum boost to domestic manufacturing, due to which Voltas also reduced the dependence of imports and more and more on domestic manufacturing. Paying more attention.

Which a few years ago, all cooling products were imported in large quantities from outside, but now due to the way the government is seeing strict rules on it, it is believed that in the coming times, companies like Voltas will be The one who is showing maximum focus on domestic manufacturing is looking forward to getting maximum benefit.

Keeping in mind the potential of the business in the long run, Voltas share price target is expected to trade around Rs.

Future of Voltas share

Looking at Voltas’s business from the perspective of the future, the company has been able to maintain the leading position in its sector for a long time, the management knows the needs of the customer very well and accordingly changes its product. Due to which Voltas sees every possibility of retaining the leading position in the market with new innovations in its product in the coming times as well.

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Also, if we look at India’s cooling product market in the future, it is very big, still a large population does not have any kind of cooling product in the house, due to which in the coming time, as people’s income will be seen to be increased. Its demand will also be seen increasing accordingly, which is most likely to benefit Voltas, the strongest brand in this sector.

Risk of Voltas share

Talking about the biggest risk in the business of Voltas, then in the sector in which the company is working, there are many new and old competitors, which are trying their best to increase their market, due to which In the coming times, Voltas may have to face a lot of difficulty in increasing its market.

Talking about the second risk, every business segment of Votas always requires a huge amount of investment from time to time to be updated with new innovations and technology, if at any time there is a shortfall in investment. There can be a huge decline in the business.


In whatever sector Voltas is currently working, the growth in this sector has just started, due to which the company’s performance in the long run has full potential to grow at a good pace. If you are a long term investor, then fundamentally strong and strong companies like Voltas leading in your sector must be in your eyes. But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision, do not forget to take the analysis of the company itself or the suggestion of your financial advisor at all.

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