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Types of IDO Launchpads and Their Unique Features

IDO or Initial DEX Offerings is one of the most popular ways to raise money and capture a large audience. IDO launchpads help new projects launch their tokens and raise funds from investors. There are various types of launchpads with different features and benefits, giving the project developers an array of choices that best suit their needs.

In this article, we will look at different types of IDO launchpads, features of IDO launchpads, and everything else you might need to know. First, we need to understand what is an IDO platform, before talking about IDO launchpad features.

What is IDO Launchpad?

Crypto launchpads and IDO platforms have gained immense popularity as they allow a crypto project to secure funding from investors and build a robust community. It acts as a platform for a project to launch its new tokens, allowing the developers to raise capital through DEX offerings, a decentralized version of IPO (Initial Public Offering).

IDO launchpads have the upper hand over ICO launchpads as they allow the project to access the large user base of an established launchpad. The investors can also benefit from an IDO launchpad as all projects listed on these platforms are vetted by the internal team, ensuring safe practices and security. 

In the coming years, the need and popularity of an IDO launchpad will continue to grow, allowing new projects to boost community engagement and liquidity while helping investors diversify their portfolios by investing in new innovative crypto projects. Moreover, an IDO launchpad will help in separating the best crypto projects from scam projects, instilling a new level of security within the crypto industry. 

Different Types of IDO Launchpads

There are different types of IDO launchpads depending upon their use and their inner workings. For instance, there are IDO projects that are run by a single organization, and there are launchpads run by the community as a whole. There are also centralized launchpads and decentralized launchpads.

If you are wondering what are the advantages of centralized IDO launchpads, the answer is simple – they are easier to use and give the project developers more control over their token launches. However, they can also be prone to censorship and centralization risk, which is mitigated by decentralized IDO launchpads, that offer more openness and community control.

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While there are different types of IDO launchpads, IDO launchpad features are similar with few unique advantages, exclusive to an IDO platform itself

  • Access To Community: Launchpad offers startups easy access to an active user base instead of having to build a new community from scratch.
  • Easy Listing Process: Getting tokens listed on exchanges is a complicated process, but a launchpad can handle all the listing logistics by using its partnerships.
  • Investor Vetting: Launchpads have their vetting processes, KYC, and anti-fraud checks for investors ensuring safe practices.
  • Project Vetting: All the projects listed on an IDO platform are vetted and due diligence is performed before listing to ensure legitimacy and a profitable investment opportunity for the investors.
  • Fair Allocation: IDO Launchpad utilizes different allocation models to ensure fairness and transparency, giving every scale investor an opportunity to invest in a new project.
  • Automation: The token generation events and sales are automated using smart contracts for a hassle-free launch.
  • Multi-chain Support: Leading launchpads offer mult-chain support for easy token investment and generation.
  • Easy Participation: Investors can easily gain exposure to new projects without requiring extensive technical knowledge or having to do individual due diligence.

Now that we know more about various IDO launchpad features, let’s take a look at the top 10 IDO launchpad and their features.

Top 5 IDO Launchpads and Features

These are the top 5 IDO launchpads based on various factors such as track record, community engagement, and innovative features.

  • Polkastarter

Polkastarter is one of the top IDO launchpads that was launched in 2020. It is an Ethereum and Polkadot-focused launchpad that aims to facilitate promising new crypto projects with a strong community of investors for transparent and fair token sales. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • An impressive track record of hosting a variety of blockchain projects that have achieved unicorn status with over $1 billion valuations.
  • The POLS token enables governance for enhanced trust and alignment between the platform and community members.
  • Polkastarter utilizes a fair token allocation model using lottery models and tiered allocation, ensuring a fair and decentralized token allocation.
  • The launchpad has high standards for project launches and less than 10% of the applications are accepted.
  • Polkadot bridges two leading blockchain ecosystems (Ethereum and Polkadot) to offer flexibility for both projects and investors. 
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Polkadot has a terrific track record and strong community and with its fair allocation model, the IDO platform has established itself as a major player in the industry.

  • AdLunam

AdLunam is a pioneer Web3 IDO launchpad that offers early access to promising Web3 projects, with expert advisory services, and strong relationships with key institutional investors, launchpad, exchanges, media, and blockchain partners. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • The platform utilizes a unique Proof of Attention model where tokens are allocated to community members and investors using their Proof of Attention scores, which are built with direct engagement (social media engagement, participation in tasks, media creation), etc.
  • AdLunam helps build dynamic NFT profiles for the investors that qualify them for exclusive airdrops, token allocation, and community rewards. 
  • Engaged investors get access to early-stage deals without needing to be a part of an existing investment network.
  • A community-first launchpad that enables seamless cooperation between project developers and investors.
  • A team of experts helps the project for a successful launch with ongoing marketing, technical, and tokenomics mentorship.

AdLunam with its unique approach, has established itself as one of the top IDO platforms with a robust network of investors and other key players in the industry. 

  • TrustPad

TrustPad specializes in vetting IDO projects by performing rigorous checks and emphasizes long-term potential over hype. The launchpad is popular for legitimate, high-quality crypto projects.

Features and Benefits: 

  • TrustPad conducts various audits, KYC, and background checks before hosting IDOs for a project and less than 3% of applicants are approved.
  • Token holders can participate in the governance of a project with TAPD tokens to ensure decentralization.
  • TrustPad does not support pump-and-dump schemes and only focuses on projects that demonstrate real technology and business potential.
  • The launchpad supports projects across various chains, such as Binance Smart chain, Fantom, Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum.
  • The launchpad follows a tiered allocation system where long-term, high-value community members are rewarded more than just the big-scale investors.
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TrustPad emphasizes long-horizon investing and meaningful vetting and is a launchpad designed to build communities around promising crypto projects and does not solely focus on offering quick-yield opportunities. 

  • BSCPad

BSCPad is a renowned specialized IDO platform built for Binance Smart Chain and offers a launchpad tailored to BSC-based crypto projects that seek capital from liquidity bootstrapping. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • BSCPad is dedicated to launching projects built onthe Binance Smart Chain.
  • The launchpad has to facilitate IDOs for several major BSC ecosystem projects such as ApeSwap. 
  • The launchpad has a large user base with over 200,000 BSCPad holders, which project developers can target.
  • BSCPad has developed strategic partnerships with several market leaders like Binance, Chainlunk, and PancakeSwap.
  • BSCPad uses a tier-based allocation system instead of a first-come-first-serve tactic.

BSCPad is a great platform for projects built on Binance Smart Chain and presents a specialized launchpad alternative with a robust community.

  • Cardstarter 

Cardstarter is another popular launchpad that is dedicated to the Cardano ecosystem. The launchpad connects innovative Cardano projects with capital and liquidity sources.

  • Cardstarter uses the native ADA token to facilitate fundraising and community participation.
  • Participants can gain exposure to promising new projects before major listings.
  • The launchpad is a community-focused project that offers mechanisms like staking and governance.
  • Cardstarter also offers vetting and milestone tracking to help validate quality projects and teams launched on the platform.
  • Cardstarter offers simplified participation for new users in new Caradano-based projects.

Cardstarter offers a tailored launchpad solution for showcasing and raising capital for promising initiatives and projects. 


We hope now you know more about IDO launchpads, their features, and different types of IDO launchpads. With the different types of launchpads available, project developers and investors have complete freedom when deciding on where to host and IDO and which projects to invest in. Always look for an IDO launchpad that does due-diligence before hosting an IDO and offers investors a fair and equal chance to invest in promising projects.

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