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Top CSM Training Courses Online

Every project using the Agile and Scrum model must have a Scrum master. A leader who monitors the project’s progress and the Scrum team’s performance is known as a Scrum master. A Scrum master’s responsibility is to monitor the team’s and project’s progress. The work is quite interesting. A person can only become a Scrum master if they know their responsibilities.

People are eager to get proper training, take the certification exam, and earn the prestigious certification. Scrum certification showcases your expertise to potential employers and clients, demonstrating that you can be relied upon to meet crucial business objectives. As a result, certified Scrum Masters are in high demand.

In this CSM article, you will learn about the best online CSM training courses, which will help you understand the responsibilities of a Scrum master. These courses will also help you clear the Scrum master certifications. So, without wasting your valuable time, here is a list of the best CSM training sessions to help you crack the prestigious certification exams on the first attempt.

  1. Scrum Certification Prep +Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training – Udemy

This online Scrum certification course is the most well-liked and best-selling Scrum master course on Udemy, with over 1,76,000 students registered.

The course’s instructor, Paul Ashun, goes over every significant idea connected to preparing for the Scrum master, Agile, and certification exams.

Because it is a beginner-level course, you don’t need any prerequisites to enroll in it and may start studying right away from the two hours of amazing video content.

  1. Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) Certification Training Course – Simplilearn
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For those preparing for the Scrum master certification, this is one of the most well-liked courses at Simplilearn. The popular Simplilearn online learning platform offers technical courses from authorities and influential locals.

The teachers in this course are seasoned Scrum Masters who focus on Scrum master fundamentals, which are crucial to comprehend if you want to pass the certification, and train, coach, and mentor software development teams to make positive changes.

  1. Agile Scrum Master Certification Training – GreyCampus

You can take this instructor-led training course from GreyCampus to prepare for the online Scrum Master Certification Training.

Agile is one of the top project management approaches for delivering results quickly and iteratively, especially for software projects.

Scrum is an Agile framework that bifurcates the work into time-bound iterations, or sprints, with each sprint concentrating on completing a particular goal that makes up the product increment.

  1. Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Certification Training – Edureka

For those gearing up for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification, this is Eureka’s most popular course. It is an instructor-led, live-class course. The instructor of this course covers the definitions of Agile and Scrum and the duties of a Scrum master.

Once more, this course is intended for beginners, and there are no prerequisites for enrollment. It is excellent training for individuals who wish to pass the PSM exam. Live online CSM training sessions with experienced teachers are Edureka’s USP.

  1. Cert Prep: Scrum Master – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, another well-known online learning platform, is one of the advanced-level courses offered to help students prepare for the Scrum Master Certification.

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This course, developed by Agile trainer and coach Kelly O’Connel, will provide you with the granular details to pass the renowned Scrum master examinations.

Additionally, you will learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Scrum team, various Scrum event kinds, and the artifacts created throughout the Scrum lifecycle. Learn how Scrum masters use burn-down charts and other data to monitor the advancement of their projects by enrolling in the CSM training.

  1. Scrum for beginners + Scrum Master Certification Preparation – Udemy

For 2022, it is another top-selling Udemy course for obtaining the Scrum master certification. It is perfect for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in Scrum master certification preparation.

This session is based on the Scrum Guide v2020 and includes lectures, more than 240 practice questions, advice, a Q&A section, a Scrum webinar, and other materials.

None other than Valentin Despa, a well-known Udemy instructor and Postman Guru, is the creator of this course. It is a popular CSM training course on Udemy. You can enroll in the session if you want to be immensely successful as a Scrum Master. It’s time well spent!

  1. Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Training – Project Management Academy

This advanced training program will assist you in progressing in your Agile career once you have obtained your ScrumMaster certification and gained some experience.

The ability of certified ScrumMasters to deploy, embrace, and engage with the value of the Scrum methodology in their organization should improve after taking this course. The two-day course teaches students how to organize departmental conversations, address low participation, boost engagement, promote accountability, and scale Scrum outside a single team through case studies, activities, and discussions.

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Students who complete the CSM coursework will receive the 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) required for certification.

  1. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) Training – Project Management Academy

With the help of this two-day training course, which will provide you with the knowledge and abilities you need to be qualified for the Scrum Alliance’s ScrumMaster (CSM) Certification, lay the groundwork for your ScrumMaster journey.

This two-day interactive training course offers learners an overview of the Scrum framework, Agile methodology, and the foundations of the Scrum methodology, as well as extra information on ceremonies, articles, and roles, similar to the CSM training session mentioned above.

Students will learn about creating a Scrum team, handling product backlogs, communicating project progress, and more through case studies, exercises, and conversations based on the instructor’s real-world experiences. In addition to a two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, students who complete the course are eligible to take the Scrum Master Certification exam, which is included in the CSM training fee.

Wrapping Up!

The CSM training sessions have become increasingly popular worldwide. As the certification gains popularity, these preparatory courses will get more famous. So, it’s best to keep the list handy and choose the best CSM training course for yourself to kickstart your certification journey.

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