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How Country-Based Website Switcher For WooCommerce can help you sell more

Woocomerce plugins have long been one of the most successful conversion-boosting tools for e-commerce store owners. Regardless of the business scale, they work like magic for them.  

A country-based website switcher plugin is one such excellent solution for increasing your sales conversion rates. 

In this post, we’ll provide you an ultimate guide to using country-based website switcher in WooCommerce. We will discuss its definition, features, benefits, accessibility, and much more. Let’s get started. 

What is a Country-Based Website Switcher?

Use Country-Based Website Switcher to enhance the user experience on your online store. The plugin allows your visitors to stay on the current website or switch to one tailored to their country. 

You can create URLs for different countries and then redirect users based on where they are. Simply put, when a visitor arrives at your store, the extension will redirect or display a popup to send them to his country-specific page.

It is also pertinent to note that using the plugin’s styling tab, you can also easily and quickly customize the redirect popup colors and opacity. 

*This is a must-have plugin for retailers who run online stores in multiple countries.

Key Features:

Some of the great features of this fantastic plug-in include:

  • Reroute visitors to websites that are relevant to their location
  • Displays tailored pop-up windows to refer clients to a country-specific website
  • Lets you modify the colors, text, and background of the popups and add URLs of different countries rapidly
  • Your visitors can toggle between showing and hiding the Country selector.
  • Dedicated country URL pages can be created by supervisors within seconds
  • Place the switcher button wherever you like on the website
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Benefits of Country-Based Website Switcher:

There is simply no better website switcher for your online store than the Country Based Website Switcher by koala apps. It is a low-cost, easy-to-use, and very effective plugin you can have. The top three benefits of using the country-based website switcher for your woocommerce business are as follows:

1 – Improves Sales and Profitability 

When selling products online in several different countries, there are numerous factors to consider. The country-based website switcher allows users to quickly move between websites or stores to see and buy things that are at the moment most popular in their country. International retailers find this tool especially useful. Their sales and conversion rate increase dramatically and the brand image improves as well. 

2 – Makes Shopping Easier for Your Customers

Several plugins are available to assist make your customer’s shopping experience faster and easier. A country-based website switcher for woocommerce is one such plugin. To choose the best things to buy, your clients can quickly switch between different websites. Research shows this plugin fosters user interest, increases conversions, and promotes sales. The best part is how reasonably priced this plugin is. You can get it for just $49.00 on koala apps which is the best place to buy ecommerce plugins.

3 – Increase Brand Awareness

Studies show that it could take a customer seven interactions with your brand before they feel confident enough to act. Rerouting customers based on their location can shorten the time it takes for potential customers to become adequately familiar with your brand and make a purchasing decision. You are increasing your chances that your brand will be the first one they think of when they ultimately decide to proceed, even if they do not convert right away.

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Why Does Country-Based Website Switcher Matter?

Which will work out best for your company? Directing users to websites that are built for their own country or for the one built for everyone.

People expect their online experiences to be personalized particularly to them, and using a country-based website switcher is one method to do this. Revenue rises as a result of personalized content, which is great for users as well.  

Another useful plugin is one that enables clients to change currencies. It’s called currency switcher. As a store owner, using this plugin you can show the pricing of the products in various currencies and have payments converted into the chosen currency automatically.


If you want to boost sales for your ecommerce store, you must try out the country-based website switcher we have mentioned. Although we don’t claim it to be your only option, it will undoubtedly be very helpful for your business. Stay tuned to our website for more interesting blog posts and articles!

Author Bio: Huda works for KoalaApps as a content writer and as an ecommerce  Country Based Website Switcher operator for KoalaApps. Having a decade of experience behind her in the field, she aims to be the writer that writes to solve problems faced by developer community.

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