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Tips to clear NEET exams

The exams of NEET are approaching at bullet-neck speed, and the time is right to pull up the socks and get ready for the adventure ahead. Neet test series online should be done with hard work and complete dedication. The day that you have been waiting eagerly for the last one and half years has finally arrived. Below are certain tips that will enable you to ace the exam easily.

Keep away distractions when you are preparing for the exams

In modern times smartphone happens to be the biggest distraction in front of our eyes. So it is normal that you may be distracted by them during NEET preparation. It is better that you detach yourself to a particular thing indicating that all other distractions take care of themselves.

To be interested in studies requires an internal force. Develop curiosity, and make sure that you have a designated time of studying daily. You may be no one if you have the talent, but the key is to work hard. So it is better that you focus hard on your books.

Revise daily

Everyone needs to have their own strategy when it comes to NEET revision that needs to be the time available after school and coaching. Everyone could provide you with a strategy but make sure that you do not blindly follow that. Make sure that you tap on the useful points and leave the non- useful ones.

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An important point to consider is that while we make excellent time tables for ourselves, but it needs to be followed by us. All of us are used to screw it at some point or the other. So it would be better to decide on the topics rather than focussing your time on revision. Care more for the topics in the best online coaching for neet as revision would take of it by itself.

The number of times you need to revise the syllabus

In my person opinion it is dependent upon certain parameters, everyone has their own retaining ability. You need to be aware about the retaining ability, before you decide on the number of times you need to revise for the exam.

In addition the incidents and the subject also plays an important role during the phase of studies. All the qualities cannot be ideal but it makes sense to enable some of them. So you need to judge your abilities and then decide the degree of revision that is necessary.

Practice subject wise mock tests

Be aware that the pattern of exam changes every year. You are only able to judge yourself after you appear for a couple of tests. There are certain things that you need to remember when you are appearing for these tests

  • A particular subject is made intentionally difficult in comparison to the other test questions. So if you are attempting Physics, and the questions are from NCERT books and you will be able to solve it easily. Then you can be rest assured that the questions from the other sections will not be easy. It can happen vice versa. The reason why you need to rush through Physics is that you may require extra 10 minutes to complete the biology section. No point worrying that you will not be able to keep pace with time. You will need sufficient time for attempting the other sections.
  • You are not going to get the entire time when it comes to complete exams. Then there is the OMR filling as it will take some extra time. So it is better that you cut 15 minutes from your exam at the starting and ending phase. This will turn out to be a beneficial strategy
  • Do not have any irrelevant thoughts when you are appearing for the exam. This is going to have an impact on your concentration levels since time runs fast.
  • If it is possible you can take the test in an isolated room to avoid any form of distraction
  • In the test there is an option known as suspend. This means that you can leave the test in between and opt for it according to your convenience. Do not make use of it until you require it. In fact this is going to help you with the habit of sitting 3 hours at a single shot during the exams.
  • After completion of the tests take an overview of the tests and find out whether any portion has been left behind or not. In some cases the concepts strike an individual at the last moment.
  • Make sure that you are honest with yourselves
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