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Why Rocket Espresso Machines Are Best for Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover, getting the right espresso machine has much to do with how perfect your coffee will be and how you start your day. A Rocket espresso machine is a line of hand-crafted coffee-makers of outstanding quality and features that ensure your brewing experience produces fantastic coffee.

Rocket espresso is an Italian coffee-maker brand that produces some of the best coffee machine models today. Their most popular models include the Appartamento, the R58 Cinquantotto, the RV60 espresso machine, and the R Nine One. Rocket coffee makers’ complete stainless steel casing adds to their aesthetic appeal and gives an almost vintage look.

The Rocket espresso coffee machine is so popular because, despite its compact structure, it has features such as its anti-burn steam wand to ensure milk does not stick to the wand. It works just as well as big coffee machines, giving you full control over your brewing experience with its all-manual interface. It also has an E61 boiler head that maintains the water from the boiler to the water passing through the coffee stable.

In this article, we will explore why Rocket espresso machines are the coffee-lovers and some of the individual features of their models.

Why should you choose Rocket espresso machines?

Many espresso machines are available on the market today. What differentiates the Rocket espresso machine from its counterparts, and why is it a better choice for you?

  • Available in several models

With the Rocket espresso brand, you have the freedom of options. You can browse various coffee machines and their features before choosing what you desire and what adequately suits your needs.

  • Choosing a Rocket espresso depends on your needs

With different models come different features. So, whether you are looking for a practical and straightforward coffee machine or one with many controls that allow you to brew your coffee to your exact taste and temperature, the rocket espresso brand is perfect.

  • Price range 

Some of its models have great features at really reasonable prices. An example is the Rocket Cinquantotto, with features such as a rotary pump (making it quiet while it works) and an electronic PID. With these features, the Rocket Cinquantotto still costs less than its counterparts.

  • Stylish

The stainless steel casing of the Rocket espresso machine gives it a sophisticated look, making it grand.

  • Outstanding features

Despite having higher-end features, such as a dual boiler and consistent steam pressure, it is neither bulky nor too small.

  • Pre-infusion results in better coffee with less effort

The features of the Rocket espresso machine allow water to seep through the coffee grounds uniformly, thus creating consistency in your coffee. 

  • Dual boilers to save time

The dual boilers enable you to froth the milk while your coffee dispenses, thus saving time.

  • Improved espresso flavour

Controlling the pump pressure means controlling the speed with which water passes through the coffee and the consistency of your coffee and its flavour.

Choosing the Right Rocket Espresso Machine

Choosing the right Rocket espresso machine is solely dependent on your needs. Below, we have curated some of the features of Rocket espresso machine models to aid you in coming to a decision.

The Appartamento

The Appartamento is an entry-level semi-automatic espresso machine for the home user. Due to its semi-automatic function, you can choose the coffee beans’ grind size while the machine is brewing.

It is a simple appliance that feeds water from the boiler into your portafilter through separate steam and hot water valves on either side of a group head. This machine’s inclusion of an E61 group head as standard equipment with the finest quality is another wonderful feature.

Its exchange boiler system allows both the steam wand and extraction operations simultaneously. Another overlooked, but essential aspect of the Appartamento is the anti-burn steam arm, which prevents the milk from sticking to the wand fast.

The R58 Cinquantotto

The Rocket espresso enters the two-boiler prosumer machine market with the Cinquantotto. One internal boiler is set up for espresso extraction, and the other is set up separately for the steaming functions, making up a dual-boiler machine.

The PID temperature controller for both boilers is mounted externally. The interior water remains at the right temperature thanks to the PID controller.

One of its outstanding features is the pre-infusion mechanism, which uses a piston to force water into a pre-infusion chamber before it enters the portafilter. Another distinguishing feature is the nine-pound commercial group head.

RV60 Espresso Machine

The RV60 uses a unique pressure-profiling technique to precisely control pump pressure during extraction.

The pressure on the espresso puck may be precisely regulated throughout the extraction process thanks to pressure-profiling technology. This allows control over each extraction component instead of the typical nine bars of pressure used by most conventional espresso machines.

The control variety will allow for small modifications before post-infusion, where unwanted flavours might surface. Except for this state-of-the-art technological improvement, the RV60 includes every feature listed above for the Rocket espresso models.

R Nine One

The R Nine One espresso machine is Rocket espresso’s attempt to incorporate all the technology from their commercial machines into a device you can use in a home or small business venue.

A fully saturated group system with digital PID controls, pre- and post-infusion control that is pre-programmed (but can also be adjusted manually), and a touch screen built into the front of the machine are all included.

This machine can produce just slightly better beverages than you purchase from your local cafe.

Which Rocket espresso machine model is best for you?

So far, you have seen the Rocket espresso machine’s various features that make it stand out. The Rocket espresso machine is designed with the homeowner in mind. The brand allows you to enjoy the rich taste of espressos from the comfort of your home.

To pick the best Rocket espresso machine, you should first understand what it is you want to acquire. Suppose you want a more compact coffee maker that will fit properly in your kitchen while giving it a sophisticated look. In that case, the Appartamento is just for you. Its portable stainless steel design, anti-burn steam wand, and E61 group head are just what you need for a simple coffee brewing experience.

Multiple controls on your device give you more dictating power, and R Nine One offers this feature. The R Nine One has the features of more commercial coffee machines and comes with precoded controls that you can always adjust to your liking.

Regardless of the particular model you end up choosing, as a coffee lover, the Rocket espresso machine is the perfect brand for you.

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