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How to Win Online Ludo Game Everytime

Ludo needs no description or introduction because it is played by generations around the world. Earlier, Ludo was known as Pachisi and it is one of the most ancient board games that was originated in India. This game is almost 3 thousand years old yes that’s a long time and the shocking thing is that people never get bored of Ludo but people play this game to refresh their mood and spend a good time with their friends or family.

Ludo never let a person taste boredom because in this game the player keeps their mind working regularly to predict the opponent’s moves and strategize their moves. Moreover, when you play strategic games like Ludo regularly your thinking capacity also increases and your patience power level-ups. Ludo is a game that mostly works on the luck of the player.

During the pandemic, gaming companies get to know that people are showing more interest in games like Ludo. So these gaming organisations launched online Ludo game where people can play the game with their families on offline mode and online with random players. On these platforms, people not only play the game for fun but these games offer real money to the users and are available on both the play store and app store.

Rules, Instructions and Components to Play Ludo

When people get bored at home sitting alone Ludo lends a helping hand and actually, it is the best way to pass the time and spend some good time with your family or friends. Ludo was among the games that kept the bond between friends and families evergreen during the pandemic.

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Now let’s see some rules and components that are necessary to play Ludo. Everyone knows that Ludo is a board game so the main equipment is a square-shaped board to play the game. There are 4 tokens or pieces available for each player and the person who takes all 4 tokens into the home first wins the game.

To move the tokens forward a dice is rolled which has six sides on every number is printed from 1 to 6. If you are playing online Ludo  then it becomes easier because you don’t need any components just download the game and you get everything built into the game from board to tokens.

Some of the basic rules to play Ludo are as follows:

  1. The maximum range of players to play the game at once is 4.
  2. Every player put their tokens on the matching colour of their base.
  3. 6 is a necessary number for every player to get their token out of the base.
  4. The player who gets a 6 gets an extra chance to roll the dice again.
  5. If a player 6 three times in a row then that player loses his turn.
  6. There is a rule in which if 2 pieces of the same colour are in the same square then the square is blocked and the opponent can’t kill those pieces.
  7. One who takes all four tokens in the house wins the game.
  8. If a player’s piece lands on the opponent’s piece then that token is sent to the base again.
  9. Tactics to Win Ludo Game Every Time

If you are new to this amazing game Ludo App and want some tips on How to win every Ludo game? Then don’t worry your search ends here because there are some tricks mentioned below to win Ludo every single time.

  1. The 7-Steps Rule

It is one of the most important and famous tips to win a game of Ludo. In this 7-steps rule, you have to think a step ahead of your opponent and predict the upcoming 7 steps of your opponent to prevent their pieces from killing yours.

  1. Block Opponent Pieces

If you are not able to kill your opponent’s tokens then you should try to block them. When you block an opponent’s tokens they won’t be able to move and if they can’t move then it is easy to kill them and send them back to the base.

  1. Determine Your Gameplay

Some people like to play game defensive without killing any opponent token and some play aggressive. You need to strategize your gameplay how you want to play before you start the game. You can play a little safe earlier and then aggressive in the end and enjoy ludo to the fullest.

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