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Artificial Intelligence : AI Is Constantly Advancing Research in days

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, gives up new potential for radically transforming business processes against the backdrop of increased digitalization and disruptive transformation. Not only that, but AI-based technologies will gradually lead to the emergence of whole new business models, employment, services, and other uses in the future. As a result, many firm executives and IT managers are becoming increasingly interested in artificial intelligence.

How Do IT Managers See AI’s Data Use In The Future?

One of the most critical difficulties facing businesses is the exponential expansion of data quantities. Because data has no added value until it is handled in a specific manner. The development and implementation of artificial intelligence-based solutions should make dealing with large volumes of data simpler. As a result, many IT administrators consider artificial intelligence as a way to speed up data processing, analysis, and preparation.

Data is critical for their company’s business performance for over 80% of German IT managers, according to an MIT research performed by Pure Storage, and serves as a basis for decision-making in the relevant business domains. Among other things,

Around 75% of the IT managers polled believe that data consolidation and assessment are critical and that 83.3 percent want quicker data processing and analysis. The report also demonstrates the benefits of AI in numerous sectors of the business.

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IT executives hope that the use of AI will result in even more benefits

The study demonstrates the benefits of artificial intelligence in particular. As a result, AI should provide a wide range of additional benefits, including the automation and replacement of human labor processes, increased efficiency, resource relief, and increased competitiveness.

More and more businesses are relying on digital assistants.

AI-based digital assistants, such as Amazon’s well-known Alexa for the consumer market, are also being employed in businesses that specialize in process optimization. The digital assistant, the face of a software firm specializing in this sector, is a pioneer in this industry.

Digital assistants should, among other things, help internal operations in project management, sales, and customer service, and should be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT environment. They’re also utilized to enhance and build complex procedures, handle orders, and deal with rules and laws.

Further Fields Of Application Of AI And Digital Assistants


With the aid of AI, marketing cloud tools and digital assistants may help build intelligent, dynamic customer classifications and analytics to recognize client wants even better in the field of customer relationship management (CRM). Customer avatars are also important.


AI may help assist sales operations in a variety of ways, including CRM Sales Cloud and the optimization of focused sales methods. So-called shop assistants can take over order processing and services in trade and with suppliers.

Service to Customers

AI is being used in customer service with digital assistants for automated email analyses, chatbots, and phone bots, among other things.

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Real-time data processing and order processing provides intelligent production control.


AI-assisted systems can analyze needs, manage parts, and supply in real-time.

Maintenance that is planned ahead of time

Increase machine dependability and service life with predictive maintenance based on real-time machine data analysis.

Financial Predictions

AI makes the most accurate predictions possible for sales, liquidity development, EBIT, and other important performance measures by statistically evaluating all relevant corporate data.

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