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Differences Between Argumentative & Persuasive Essay You Must Know Before Essay Writing!

Students need to work on the essay at least once in their lifetime because that will reflect their thinking, learning, and writing abilities. Not all students are likely to be interested in writing an essay, but it is compulsory since grades are involved. Now professors would initially give students a topic to work on the essay. Students often take the help of the experts known for providing the best essay writing service Canada to save time.

But when the professor gives only the task of writing an essay in which choosing the topic until submitting it is a student’s job, it might be challenging. First, you need to understand different types of essays, especially argumentative and persuasive. They are different in many ways that you need to know to select the choice accordingly.

Conclusion: Argumentative and persuasive essays may have similarities in nature, which is why students often get confused. But there are some differences like the highlighted points above that can bring much clarity to you. The main difference is a persuasive essay is based on emotions and opinions while argumentative requires reasoning and logic. In addition, argumentative acknowledges the viewpoints that might be opposite to what is written, while persuasive don’t require any such acknowledgment. So make sure when you decide on which type of essay you want to go on with, you are clear with the style and tone of the writing.

Know More About Argumentative Essay:

This writing piece convinces the readers that idea of the author is true. The writing genre is used for proving or defining a certain point. The students need to do good research and collect all important data before starting with an argumentative essay. It is more like a debate that is drafted on the paper. Hence, the student should be aware of both benefits and drawbacks of the topic as part of the argument.

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Know More About Persuasive Essay:

The concept of a Persuasive essay is different from that of the argumentative one. In this writing piece, the readers are convinced on agreeing to what you have written. To draft this essay, you have to use your creativity, brainstorm ideas, and state the opinions that actually would evoke the reader’s emotion. This way, you can convince them to agree on the opinion. This type of writing requires more research to be done, evidence to be collected, and writing should be more appealing to the reader’s emotion and not with their minds.

Know the Difference:

  • The Genre of Writing:

Suppose the writing genre of an argumentative essay is to be considered. In that case, it focuses on convincing the readers to accept the idea and opinion of the writer, which is true based on the pieces of evidence that are presented. In the case of a persuasive essay, the writing of genre focuses on convincing the readers to agree with what is written but with personal ideas and emotions.

  • Audience:

In terms of the audience, if the persuasive essay is to be considered, well the writer would require the intended audience to address the opinion. But in the case of the argumentative one, the writer doesn’t require any intended audience. The writer’s focus here is simply to put the trust in front of the readers.

  • Acknowledgment:

For the persuasive essay, acknowledging the opposing views is not needed. It can be written without much research. But in an argumentative essay, it is important to acknowledge the opposing view. For this, a thorough investigation needs to be done.

  • Tone
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The tone of a persuasive essay is quite an informal one, even if the topic seems to be formal. This means students have to write it in the first person tone to maintain a good connection with the audience. In the argumentative essay, it is exactly the opposite. The paper needs to be written in a precise yet direct tone. There should not be any flowery language to be used. Instead, you need to prove your point with more tenacity. Here the words strength matters the most.

  • Research

For a persuasive essay, it is important to do good research on the topic before you start writing on it. But just the basic knowledge is more than enough if you are not aware of the topic since the essay is based on personal opinion. For an argumentative essay, you need to collect ample details to have some facts-based data for the argument. The facts that are provided need to be from a recognized source and accurate, and the details of the same should be cited.

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