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Strategies to Export Evolution MBOX Emails with Attachments to MS Outlook

Summary: These are some of the questions that customers have asked about Evolution MBOX imports that are not operating with positive Outlook variations. The purpose of this educational material is to help you understand how to import Evolution MBOX files into Outlook.

Many electronic mail applications, consisting of Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, MS Outrage, PowerMail, and many more, have manual files inside the Evolution MBOX format. One problem, though, is that Office 2019 Outlook (or any other version of Outlook) does not support the same formatting (Evolution MBOX) information. In this case, you will either need to convert the data into PST or move it straight onto Office 2019.

User Query:

“I tried to import Evolution MBOX documents into Outlook 2019, but it now does not work. Would you kindly help me with this problem? How can I get this problem fixed? In what way can I remedy this problem?

My purpose is to switch Evolution MBOX from Mac OS X 10.10 to Outlook 2016. I’m trying to import Evolution MBOX documents into Outlook 2016 on a separate PC. I’m not able to import messages from my inbox into Outlook.

The goal of the transfer is to allow users to move Evolution MBOX files to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2019. The primary issue is not knowing how to upload Evolution MBOX files to Outlook. Check out this workable way to upload Evolution MBOX files into the Outlook mail client in order to help our users fix this problem. Understanding the cause of the movement is essential. Let’s examine the motivations first.

Why is importing Evolution MBOX files required?

  • Platforms vary when it comes to the Evolution MBOX format.
  • File-locking problems are seen in Evolution MBOX.
  • File systems on networks aren’t operating correctly.
  • The Evolution MBOX format can get corrupted.
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One of the drawbacks of Evolution MBOX is that it compels users to use other email programs, such as Outlook. Some of the most popular features of Outlook that consumers like are mentioned below:

What Makes Outlook Such a Crucial Tool?

  • Outlook from Microsoft offers the newest features that businesses require.
  • Microsoft Outlook has an anti-spam tool that helps to make sure that no spam emails are delivered.
  • It safeguards the password that’s used to encrypt emails. It encrypts data, shielding emails from hackers and spammers.
  • Outlook has a calendar tool that lets users write notes and organize tasks, events, and more.

Now let’s look at how to convert Evolution MBOX files into Outlook. Two distinct categories of solutions exist:

  1. By hand
  2. Straightforward Resolution
  3. Gmail to Outlook Transfer: A Manual Solution

Two sections describe the solution: Gmail must first be moved from Thunderbird to Outlook, and then it must be moved from Evolution MBOX to Outlook.

  1. Adding Gmail to Thunderbird for Mozilla

To get started, setup Thunderbird using a Gmail account by completing each of the procedures given below, one at a time:

  • Using a Gmail Account
  • To view your Gmail account, log in to Gmail.
  • Select the gear button to view your Gmail settings underneath the Gmail page.
  • Make your POP, IMAP, and forwarding choices.
  • Click on the IMAP Enable option.
  • When you’re done setting up your IMAP account, choose Save Changes.

Using the Thunderbird client

  • Install Thunderbird and start it on your computer. To access your Thunderbird account, enter your name, email address, and password. Click the Proceed button to start adding Evolution MBOX to Outlook.
  • Locate the manual configuration process after ensuring that the IMAP checkbox is enabled.
  • Fill out all the information asked in these fields:
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Port: Either 465 or 25 (SSL) or 993 (SSL) or 143


Port: None of these

  • Click on the reset button.
  • Your assignment is finished if you have all the necessary information entered. Click Create a New Account when you’ve finished.
  • Afterwards, you can verify your Gmail account from Thunderbird. You can now view all of your email messages after this.
  • The Evolution MBOX file can then be uploaded into Outlook via Gmail by simply dragging and dropping it into the mailbox.
  1. Using Gmail Outlook to import Evolution MBOX

To connect Outlook mail to a Gmail account, take the following actions:

  • Select the Add Account option after selecting your file menu.
  • You can manually change server settings or pick other server types from the dialog box that appears, and then click the Next button.
  • Select Internet Email, and then press the Next button.
  • Name, email address, password, and name should all be entered in the dialogue box.
  • In Account Type, select IMAP to create an IMAP mail account.
  • Enter smtp.Gmail.Com for the incoming server and imap.Gmail.Com for the outgoing server, after which choose “More” from the Settings menu.
  • Choose My Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the list of outgoing servers that call for verification.
  • Select “Use Same Settings As My Incoming Server Desire” and input 993 due to the fact that the port number is within the “Incoming Server Port” phase of the menu.
  • Next, configure your SSL form of encryption for the IMAP mailbox account by selecting “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection.”
  • Replace “TLS” with the wide range 587 below the port of the server you’re sending information to, and then regulate the encryption type. After that, click on “OK” to dismiss the conversation window.
  • To test the account settings, pick out “Test Account Setting” from the list of options.
  • A mistaken observe pointing out that “your account settings are correct” will then seem. Click the following button to close the conversation.
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Eventually, all of your data will be available in Outlook inside your Gmail profile. Overview.

Note: This manual technique will only work if you have Outlook and Thunderbird installed on your machine and have set them up using a fictitious Gmail account.

Straightforward Resolution Evolution MBOX Import into Outlook

More complex manual methods require a lot of time, so you can wish to avoid using them. We are here to help. The WholeClear MBOX to PST Converter Tool is a simple way to import Evolution MBOX files to Outlook.

Over 20 email clients that use Evolution MBOX files in their format can be used using Evolution MBOX Converter, a multifunctional application. When it comes to Evolution MBOX to PST conversion, its user-friendly interface enhances the experience. Without causing any data loss, Evolution MBOX files can be simply imported into Outlook PST format.

In Summary,

The use of Outlook as an email client has several advantages. However, some users have problems importing Evolution MBOX files into Outlook versions. To address these concerns, this article offers several solutions. We have provided the steps for importing Evolution MBOX files into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2007, 2010, and any other version to help users. Users are free to select any alternative, but if they’re searching for a quick fix to convert Evolution MBOX files into Outlook, they can select the simple one that we’ve already discussed in the preceding paragraphs.

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