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Web Developer


Web Development is a domain where developers work and create various websites and convert a single static page to an interactive, dynamic webpage. Web developers are also responsible for a website’s technical aspects like the website’s performance, traffic, etc. The field of web development is not restricted to just one area. It has plenty of scope and various divisions. 

Some of the major roles in the field of web development are mentioned below: 

  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Mern Stack Developers
  • Testers 

The salaries of web developers vary according to their role in the field. It is fitting to say that one who has more experience and knowledge, can get a better role financially. There are various web development courses available online which can help you enhance your knowledge in this field and get a better compensation as a developer.

Web Developer Roles 

Web Development has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, which has led to an expansion of the job description and a consequent hype in the employment rate in this field. There are three major roles available in this field which are – 

  • Front-End Developer –

The role of a front-end developer is to look after the website’s user side. They take care of the front-end code and ensure that the website looks attractive enough to increase traffic to the web page. 

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The significant responsibilities of a front-end developer are:

  • To contribute to the design and architecture of the website. 
  • Ability to create high-quality codes.
  • To create and deploy distributed systems. 
  • The front is the part that is visible to the user, so it should be creative and also attractive. 
  • To build micro frontends.
  • To ensure responsive web and mobile design and cross-browser compatibility.
  • Develop pixel-perfect UI from scratch.
  • Convert low-quality wireframes to high-quality codes.
  • To enhance the speed of the website by building the Ul components.

Being good at Javascript would be beneficial for this role. 

Salary Expectations –

The average salary of a front-end developer is ₹1.8 Lakhs to ₹11.0 Lakhs. The developers who perform well can get a 10k to 1.99 Lakhs bonus per year. 

  • Back-end Developer –

In every successful movie screening, there is a lot of effort that takes place behind the scenes. Similarly, for a website front end is not the major part, the backend should be structured and maintained in a proper way. A website needs to run smoothly on the server which is the responsibility of the backend developer. 

The roles of a back-end developer include:

  • Maintaining security. 
  • To structure the site’s code properly. 
  • To ensure proper readability of the codes for future employees to understand them easily. 
  • Testing the website is also a part of this role.

Salary Expectations –

The average salary of a backend developer varies from 1.2 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs per year. The developers who perform well, get a 3k to 1.97 Lakhs bonus per year. Profit sharing for this position is around 1.12 Lakhs to 7.86 Lakhs. The total pay amounts to 1.38 Lakhs – 10 Lakh.

  • Full Stack Developer –

A Full Stack Developer’s role is not like the roles of frontend and backend developers. It is different in the sense that they need to have knowledge of both sides of a website: the client side and the backend side. They are the ones who make both ends meet and ensure smooth running.

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Salary Expectations –

The average salary of a full stack developer is 2.8 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs every year. The developers who perform well can get a 5k to 8.9 Lakhs bonus per year. For this position, profit sharing is around 6k to 3 Lakhs. The total pay is 2.96 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs.

Fresher Salary for Web Development  In India 

The average salary of a web developer is 1.43 Lakhs to 8.13 Lakhs every year. The developers who perform well can get a 5k to 1.89 Lakhs bonus per year and a commission of around 15k to 30k. The total pay is 146k to 9.96 Lakhs.

Popular skills for a web developer are HTML5, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. Web developers who know Javascript can get a higher salary than other developers because web developers can make both sides (Fronted and Backend) in Javascript.

Senior Web Developer Salary In India –

The base salary of a senior web developer depends upon the experience of the person. It can reach up to 3.24 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs in India. The developers who perform well can get 12k to 2.37 Lakhs bonuses per year. Profit sharing is around 15k to 5.15 Lakhs. The total pay is 3.43 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs. 

Qualifications Required –

For this position companies always prefer a developer who has a computer science BTech degree or at least any computer-related degree. A minimum of 4 years of experience in web management, web design, technical web support, etc. is also required.

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Web Developer’s Responsibility –

Web development is a high-demand skill. Developers have various types of responsibilities such as:

  • Testing the functionalities of the site and modifying them.
  • Making documents for web pages.
  • Making an easily accessible database so every employee can access any record without facing complexity.
  • Collaborating with designers and transforming the static page into an actual website. 
  • Working with content producers.
  • Finding bugs in the code.
  • Creating a smooth and user-friendly UI for a better customer experience.

Conclusion –

In today’s job market, web development is a high-paying job. You can also work with multiple clients if you don’t want to work with just one company. The role offers a lot of flexibility and opportunities for growth.