Tattoo Studio Marketing Tricks to Grow Your Business

For a long time, the tattoo studios have been growing and the numbers are amazing. Believingly, the industry will flourish by 8% in the upcoming 10 years. Imagine how competitive the market will be-standing out from all will be complicated, but not impossible! All this demands implementing the marketing tips and tricks to ensure an enduring presence. Living in the tech-oriented world, it becomes prevalent to use easy and convenient methods or software solutions. Considerably, the Tattoo studio booking system is making its presence noticed by many big names in the tattoo industry. Not just it handles day-to-day activities seamlessly and manageable but ensures more footfall and higher ROI. In addition, there are other fundamental aspects. And believe us-you need to know them! We are here to reveal all those marketing tips that ensure your business’s success. Dive in to find out!

How to Improve Your Tattoo Studio Success Rate?

List tattoo studio on Google My Business

For any business, it is important to list itself on GMB. It ensures that the tattoo studio is transparent and is seen by many.  Therefore, it is a must to maintain the details of the Google My Business page:

  • The actual name of your tattoo business
  • Set up the service categories; mention all the services your business is providing
  • Mention the location properly; give the map location
  • Industry type or service area; define your customer base
  • Mention the operating hours; include the additional or special hours
  • Give the contact information; phone number or email id, etc.
  • Mention the website URL; give convenience to customers to find you easily
  • Give the online appointment booking URL; let them book themselves conveniently
  • Define your business; give details of your tattoo studio
  • Services or products; mention every service that you are offering
  • Attributes/highlights; allow you to select google suggestions for keeping the information suitably
  • Video/Photos; include the photos of the services given (before and after)
  • Messaging; for the customers for sending a request
  • Feedback; reply to the feedback on your services given on Google, preferably in 24 hours
  • Post; post regularly to show your presence and engage customers
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Make a professional Tattoo Studio Website

Is there any business without a site? We don’t think that any such business exists! Having a business site is essential to improve your outreach.  Instead of finding your studio from social media or referrals, let them find you from Google.

Provide important details on the site, like, the hours of work, costs, and the images.  In addition to this, the section name “testimonial” has to be there; it gives visitors the confidence in choosing you for the services.

With the site, you can mention anything related to the brand that is you can include videos and higher the chances of an online presence.  The videos could be of the services which can be uploaded on Youtube. Mention a name to every video, write the name of your business, the location, etc. Soon, your studio will get ranked on the local searches and improve its visibility. Below is what your site should have:

  • The domain URL with the tattoo shop name
  • Website designing should match the business style
  • Online booking system for tattoo studios and so on.

Integrate a great Tattoo studio booking system

In the list of the marketing tricks to grow your business, having an online booking system is paramount. Using it, the customers can book themselves easily online at any time of the day. The solution gives them the convenience to book, re-book or cancel their appointment. After checking the available time slots, and the staff, they can confirm their booking. Now, they do not need to wait for long minutes to get a reply on their booking timing or surety on appointments.  You can include the “book now”buttons on the social media pages also.  Make it easy for them to schedule their appointment directly from there only.

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Show Activation on Social Media Channels

Social media is the prime way to higher tattoo studio reach. And many businesses are taking benefits from it to the best. From these channels, you can cover a large domain with less resource usage. Facebook and Instagram are widely used social media handles these days. Below are the tricks and tips on using them for your business:

  • Make a profile and mention all the important details, such as name, location, contact details, open hours, and so on. In addition to this, give personalization to the social media page. It is possible by even using the brand logo. One piece of advice here is to include the site link in the bio.
  • Include aesthetic and appealing images of your tattoo studio; exterior and interior. Furthermore, use the pictures of your staff members providing services to the customers.
  • Use Reels as they are trendy, captivating, and have the ability to higher the reach and visibility. Going with the trend higher the profile visibility.
  • Post the testimonials of the customers to boost authority and credibility.
  • Also, post valuable content and make the audience updated. It not only increases the customers’ interest but also amuses them.

Provide Discounts and Offers

Who would not like to get offers or discounts or freebies? We all do! So, why not use them to their benefit? Offer discounts or deals to the customers for making them engaged with your brand. Reward your loyal and potential customers. Also, you can ask your permanent or existing customers to refer their family or friends to your studio and give them rewards in return.  However, it is totally your choice on how much you would like to spend.  Leveraging SMS or email marketing is, however, beneficial to notify customers about special offers. The best part is that the online booking system for tattoo studios lets you send the notifications in bulk.

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Concluding Remarks

Every business craves success, and so do yours! And for that, you need to implement strategies that assure better results. We have mentioned the essential marketing tactics that you should use now in the tattoo studio. We ensure you higher customer attention and a boost in the revenue rate.

Are there other marketing strategies you are following? Have we missed any? Let us know!
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